Spring Mattress or Regular Mattress - Which One Should I Choose?

Spring Mattress or Regular Mattress - Which One Should I Choose?

While shopping for a mattress, you may wonder about the difference between a spring mattress and a regular foam mattress. If so, then you have come to the right place. Spring mattresses were invented much before foam mattresses, their intervention led to the creation of a foam mattress. Both mattresses are available in the market for customers to choose from. A customer can pick a mattress based on their preference. However, there is a striking difference between the two mattresses. Let’s see how a spring mattress differs from a regular foam mattress. 

What’s the difference between a spring mattress vs foam mattress?

The main difference between the two mattresses lies in the material use and construction style. A spring mattress is a more traditional option however some of these mattresses are provided in high quality and comfort with modern spring. 

Foam mattresses are relatively new in the concept of sleeping solutions. They are manufactured in a variety of types for various applications — cooling, high ergonomic support, and pressure relieving. 

However, when it comes to which one is better than the other, it all boils down to your personal choice and preference. Both mattresses have the tendency to perform better in specific ways, making them better suited to the requirements of various sleepers in general. Investigating a mattress' construction is crucial because there is a lot of variety in performance among models of the same type.

What is a spring mattress? 

Spring mattresses are also called innerspring mattresses. This is a type of mattress that has hundreds to thousands of coils/springs underneath the top layers to provide comfort, bounce, and support to the sleeper. 

In this case, the more coils, the better the mattress will be. A queen-sized mattress can have as many as 400 hundred coils for support. The top layer/layers of the mattress is usually plush and soft for the comfort of the sleeper. 

Pros  Cons 
Economical option Allows motion transfer
Provide good air flow The springs can be noisy
The mattress is responsive Not durable
Gives firm support Cheaper 

What is a foam mattress? 

Foam mattresses are very popular among shoppers nowadays. There are several variations of foam mattresses available for online shoppers at a wide range of prices. These foam mattresses are made from polyurethane or polyfoam. They have several unique layers of bouncy and spring material. 

These are available in a variety of types, mainly: regular foam mattresses, high-resistance foam mattresses, high-density foam mattresses, memory foam mattresses, and latex mattresses.

Foam mattresses can be firm and supportive, cost-efficient, and durable for long-term usage. However, they can also be expensive. Memory and latex mattresses are some of the best options with breathable layers, high open cell technology, and high ergonomic support. 

Pros Cons
Prevents motion transfer Luxury model can be expensive
Soft but supportive Some foams have a gas-off period
Great for pressure relief Cheaper foams are less supportive
Excellent body conforming Can trap heat


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