Pile on the most comfortable pillows

Most of us cannot imagine a night of good sleep without a fluffy pillow beneath our heads. Why do we need a pillow? Pillows are essential to our sleeping because they keep our head aligned with our neck and backbone. If a person's spine or neck is not in an aligned position, we may have disturbed sleep and wake up groggy in the morning. But these days, pillows are not only made for sleep, but also for sitting and traveling. Pillows are meant to keep our joints aligned.

Livpure offers a range of pillows for sleep, travel, and office with several pillows for different sleep needs. How are Livpure pillows different

  • They are made of premium materials like microfiber, cooling gel memory foam, charcoal-infused memory foam, etc.
  • You get pillows according to the solution you need – Curve cervical pillow for chronic neck pains, charcoal-infused pillow - Carbon for staying away from allergies, backrest cushion Spyne for back problems while sitting, etc.
  • Pillow’s firmness is ideal –suitable for various needs.
  • All products have free shipping.
  • Buy all the products on easy No Cost EMI options and different bank credit and debit cards .

Our Pillows

Livpure boasts of a collection of pillows for everyone’s needs. Select from the wide range based on your need and choice.

  • Cloud - The microfiber pillow

    Foam or polyfoam are usually the most affordable and easily available in the market. These are made of polyfoam which is derived from petrochemical. Polyfoam mattresses are generally softer as polyfoam has a lower density and can be compressed easily. The low density of foam mattresses makes it a great portable option. Moreover, it also helps in improving the body’s posture and alignment. If you are looking for a foam mattresse, Livpure Vital Foam Mattress is the best mattress for you.
  • Carbon - The charcoal-infused memory foam pillow

    from Livpure is one of a kind pillow. The activated charcoal in this pillow is hypo-allergenic. It also helps in temperature regulation to keep your skin safe. It always gives a fresh feeling by absorbing odor and protects you from pollutants and toxins. The washable outer cover helps your pillow have a long, disease-free life.
  • Breeze - The cool-gel memory foam pillow

    helps circulate body heat properly and gives you a cool, sweat-free sleep so that you can wake up feeling fresh every morning. The punched holes keep any odors away, and the pillow cover is washable for long life. The memory foam pillow adapts and contours your head and neck and gives you peaceful sleep all night long.
  • Spyne - The backrest cushion

    will cool gel memory foam to give your back perfect lumbar support while you are sitting. You can use this backrest cushion while you are working long hours sitting on your chair or on a long drive. Its ergonomic contour design provides perfect spinal alignment even when you are static for long hours. Using this pillow will keep you away from back pain.
  • Spyne X Back Support Chair Cushion

    Sitting for long hours in the same position can lead to postural problems and disc damage. The Spyne-X cushion helps improve your posture while you sit by providing support to your back. This, in turn, helps prevent aches, strain, and soreness in your back, neck, and shoulders.
  • Coccyx Pillow -Seat Cushion

    Livpure’s Coccyx Pillow not only supports your tailbone while you are seated on it but also helps correct your posture over a period of time with regular use. The memory foam pillow is ergonomically designed for relieving lower back pain and reducing pressure on your vertebra.
  • Travel neck pillow

    The memory foam neck support pillow is made for long hours of journey or even sitting. It gives our necks the much-needed support while we let our bodies relax in a sitting position. The Kooltex cover also keeps you sweat-free and gives a fresh and cool feeling every time, even if you are stuck to it for long hours.

Be it for sleeping or sitting, or traveling for long hours, pillows are not only to support our necks and shoulders, but it is also our best snuggle buddy. Research over the years has shown that people who sleep snuggling a pillow sleep better and for longer hours. So, it is time to invest in a Livpure pillow- only buy the one which suits your needs.