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Cooling Cover and Breathable Foam​

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    Biocrystal infused, Orthopaedic Support mattress coupled with Luxe Latex for natural bounce.

    • Embedded with BiocrystalTM healing stones
    • Manufactured using 100% natural latex
    • Keeps your body cool with its natural pin hole structure
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    • Ortho Luxe Mattress is a 6inch mattress that is designed to provide firm orthopedic support, with the luxury of bouncy latex
    • Made with 100% natural latex hailed from Malaysia
    • Embedded with Biocrystals, it is a perfect blend of 16 healing crystals that help induce deep sleep
    • 10 years warranty available

    Plush Comfort Like Never Before

    100% Natural Latex,
    A hug from Mother Nature

    Natural latex ensures you wake up fresh every morning as the elasticity maintains spinal alignment, helps relieve pressure near the oints and lower back. Its pin core structure improves mattress breathability which helps your body remain temperature neutral, facilitating undisturbed sleep.

    Stay cool all year round with 100% Natural Latex

    Prevents your mattress
    from heating up

    Keeps your body
    temperature neutral

    100 nights trial - Livpure

    Facilitates cooler and
    sweat free sleep

    Discover the power of

    Sourced from the depths of ancient crystal caves,
    Biocrystal® is a perfect combination of 16 natural crystals.

    Meticulously blended into the mattress, it is known to

    • Induce deep sleep
    • Provide mental and physical stress relief
    • Release positive energy
    • Keep the mattress temperature neutral

    Each Crystal, Hand Picked to bring you Serenity

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  • Question: What is difference in Between the Orthopaedic Mattress and Normal Mattress
    Answer: Normal mattresses are mostly made using cotton or foam or other soft materials. An orthopaedic mattress uses firmer materials like Ortho HR foam, memory foam etc as it helps in distributing body weight evenly while also providing adequate comfort and support
  • Question: What are the benefits of ortho mattress?
    Answer: An orthopaedic mattress spreads your body weight evenly, preventing the build up of pressure points. Aches and pains should reduce with an orthopaedic mattress. it gives support to the body parts where it is needed the most. You can check out Ortho CurvX mattress for more information
  • Customer Reviews

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    Mrinal Kanti Dhali
    The product is very good and feeling very comfortable to sleep

    First time experience is very good and hope it will feeling same after span of 5 - 6 years as commitment.

    Thank you for your valuable review. We are glad that you are loving our product. We would love to serve you again! Keep snoozing with us.