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Smart Plug

Smart Plug

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  • No Cost EMI (up to 6 months)
  • Product Features

    - Livpure’s Smart Plug converts your electrical appliances to Smart and helps you control your devices connected to the Smart Plug from anywhere with Livpure HEKA App and also through voice control with Alexa, Google Home, and Siri.

    - The 10A Smart Plug connects to appliances like light, fan, water purifier without a heater, security alarm, mobile & laptop charger, WiFi router, etc.

    - The 16A Smart Plug connects to appliances like a geyser, AC, water motor, room heater, EV charger, etc.


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    • 10A Smart Plug: Connect up to maximum 10A load. E.g. Light, Fan, Mobile charger, Music system, TV etc.
    • 16A Smart Plug: Connect up to maximum 16A load. E.g. AC, Geyser, Microwave etc.
    • Configurable by users to cut off during low voltage (range supported is 80 to 200V)
    • Configurable by users to cut off during high voltage (range supported is 240 to 320V)
    • Auto switch on - configurable by users (switch-ON time range supported: 5 secs to 3 minutes i.e. time taken to switch ON automatically after voltage stabilizes post cut off event)
    • Surge protection for Smart Plug: up to 3000V
    • Easy to configure Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n @ 2.4GHz)
    • App support: Android, iOS
    • Voice commands: Alexa, Google Home, Siri
    • Automation: Control appliances connected to your Smart Plug from anywhere anytime from app, also with additional 24 Hrs timers, and by setting various types of schedules (time based, geo fence based, other smart device based) in app for a specific date / repeat on number of days.

    Country of Origin - India



    Insert the Smart Plug into an electrical socket & connect the desired appliance

    Download Livpure’s HEKA App from Play Store or App Store

    100 nights trial - Livpure

    Connect the Smart Plug to your smartphone. (Connects with a 2.4 GHz Router)

    100 nights trial - Livpure

    Plug in any device you want to control with your smartphone into the smart plug and done!

    Know more about Smart Plug

  • Question: Do smart plugs use more electricity?
    Answer: Livpure Smart Plug lets your control your appliances from anywhere in the house and saves energy.
  • Question: Do you need Wi-Fi for smart plugs?
    Answer: Yes, wifi is required to pair the smart plug with the Heka app. Once your smart is in sync with the Heka app, you can control your devices using the smart plug.
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