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Quality meets style; a luxe experience awaits you

Livpure Sleep offers an impressive range of home & living essentials – curtains, towels, and stainless steel bottles amongst others. With a variety of colours and patterns, our blackout curtains offer a wide range for customers. While looking out for home & living products, towels are an inevitable part of the shopping list. At Livpure, you can get a matching set of hand and bath towel sets which makes it more convenient for you and comes perfectly with our aesthetics.


Enjoy an undisturbed sleep with Livpure’s Blackout Sunblock Curtain which blocks 99% sunlight from entering your bedroom and gives you complete privacy from outsiders. Based on the pattern/fabric design you get multiple options to choose from: Solid; Leaf Pattern; Diamond Pattern. These Blackout curtains are available in three different sizes – Window (5 ft / 152.4 cm); Door (7 ft / 213.36 cm); Long Door (9 ft / 274.32 cm). Additionally, these premium curtains are available in 4 different colours: dark grey, maroon, beige, and navy blue.


Bring home the highly absorbent and quick-drying Livpure Premium Cotton Towels made from the highest quality natural fabric. These highly durable and plush towels are a perfect addition to your bath linen collection. These luxurious towel sets are available in 8 colours – charcoal grey, cherry red, indigo blue, light green, mediterranean blue, and nature green. Made out of all-natural materials, our towel sets offer you the softest experience and their antibacterial properties make them super gentle on the skin. The best part is you can order them in bundles based on our requirements.

Stainless steel bottle:

Carry hot and cold water in one bottle with Livpure’s Stainless Insulated Bottle. It comes with two compartments, one each to carry water as per temperature preference. Let’s you carry two different beverages in one bottle. Our stainless steel bottles are constructed keeping in mind the temperature maintenance capacity. The bottle preserves the water's temperature for more than 12 hours. Moreover, it comes with vacuum insulation for zero leakage and temperature control. The stainless steel used in the bottle is of high-quality food-grade stainless steel (SS-304) material to ensure hygiene and health, plus this also gives durability to the bottle. The affordable price and attractive design make it a perfect choice for gifting. Available in two vibrant colour options – maroon and black; orange and black.