7 Signs You Might Need a New Air-Conditioner

7 Signs You Might Need a New Air-Conditioner

Air conditioners are one thing we cannot live without during the Indian summers. And it is inevitable - you will find it in offices, public transportations, cabs and even at your own home. Like any other appliance, your new air conditioner won’t be there forever, despite the fact that a nicely maintained air conditioner lifespan will normally be between 15 to 20 years. Ultimately, the years and effectiveness of your AC will vary, relying on the unit itself, the weather you stay in, how regularly you operate your air conditioner, and how nicely cared for and serviced it is. Servicing your air conditioner at least once in 12 months will hold it easy and in tip-pinnacle shape. Check your air conditioning manufacturer’s product specs or guide for an estimate of the number of services it may require or how long the AC may last you.

7 signs that indicate you might need a new Air Conditioner

Here are some symptoms which signify you need a new AC unit.

Air conditioner repairs are costing a fortune

A broken AC unit is costly to repair, especially if the central parts of the unit have to be replaced. If repairs to your old AC unit are costly, it would be simpler to replace the air conditioner with a new unit instead of continuing to pour money into a broken AC system. Consult an expert to match the prices of replacement with the value of repair to work out if a replacement ac unit is required.

The cooling capacity has been reduced 

Maybe it is self-evident, but if you are not getting any cool air from your AC, it is probably broken permanently or temporarily. Any variety of concerns, from low Freon levels to a damaged compressor, could be a factor. You can make an appointment with a specialist or file a claim if you have a warranty. To beat the heat, there is no need to wait. If the damage is severe and the expert quotes a fortune for the repairs, you may need to consider replacing the old AC with a new one

The Air Conditioner is more than 10 years old

How do I know if my air conditioner needs to be replaced? If your AC unit is a minimum of ten years old, you ought to be thankful it lasted this long and start shopping around for a new replacement unit. Air conditioners generally don't last over a decade. These signs are useful reminders of a way to quickly recognize any disruptions, and in many cases, help avoid an AC unit replacement altogether with maintenance. Keeping your home at a comfy temperature during the summer months takes many properly functioning mechanics of the unit. If you experience any of the above-mentioned or following signs your AC is going out, contact a knowledgeable AC technician. Trying to handle the repairs yourself can cause unnecessary costs if anything goes wrong.

There is leakage around the unit

While condensation around the air conditioning unit is normal, excessive leakage can represent a way larger problem. If you have got a difficulty with a refrigerant leak or notice large pools of water around your AC unit, you will have a significant issue for sure, that requires to be addressed immediately. Leaking coolant can pose health risks to you and your family, and excessive water leakage can damage floors or furniture and will even cause mold growth, apart from the tension from a broken down AC unit to start with. Call in an expert as soon as you see this.

Rattling noise from the Air Conditioner

Do you often hear a loud grinding sound coming from your AC these days? How about rattling, banging, squealing, and other weird noises that just do not seem usual or right? Close up your AC and find an expert to examine it as soon as possible. These noises often reflect a significant issue- like a belt slipping out of place or broken motor bearings. Those might result in a costlier repair or need for replacement if not addressed immediately. These are some of the signs of a failing air conditioner

The Air conditioner breaks down frequently

How do I know if my air conditioner is failing? If your AC unit is breaking down frequently and you are spending a fortune on repairs every 2 months or so, it is a warning sign that you need to stop spending on repairs and replace your unit. It might be the cheaper alternative as well as a security to be tension-free for the next few years.

The efficiency of the Air conditioner has been reduced

When to replace the air conditioner? While it is normal for your energy bills to fluctuate a bit between summer and winter, if you notice your energy bills are reaching astronomical heights, we recommend performing an energy consumption check to analyze the cause. Try installing a tool to trace what proportion of electricity your home uses. You will soon know whether your cooling system is the culprit behind the surge in electricity costs.
If your cooling system is consuming more power than it should, it’s worth calling in an expert to figure out why your air conditioning has lost efficiency. If the problems are major, you should consider an AC replacement rather than spending a fortune on repairs.

Why should you consider buying Livpure's  Air Conditioner?

Livpure Split Air Conditioners are the ACs of your fantasy, straight out of the sci-fi world. Powered by HEKA technology, these smart and smart ready ACs are user friendly as well as environment friendly. The filters in these air conditioners remove dust, pollen, and smoke from the surroundings, effectively purifying the air. The eco-friendly R32 refrigerant reduces ozone depletion, lowers global warming potential, and is 15% more effective in cooling. And now the best part- AC from Livpure is able to self-diagnose. The Livpure ACs come with the “I-Diagnosis” feature in them. It enables automatic detection of errors and notifies you to help you avoid any malfunction. Now you do not have to look constantly for warning signs- let the AC tell you its problems. Great communication is secret to a healthy relationship- and in this case, your relationship with the AC during summers is all that matters. 


In the debate about buying a new air conditioner, you need to first face the facts and then face an expert on AC units. After all is said and done, if it is time to buy a new unit, do not try to skim and repair your old one. It might prove to be costly in the future. A new AC unit will last you tension-free for at least ten years. Therefore, spend on an AC today, preferably a Livpure one, and sleep all through those summer nights and work from home sweat-free!

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