Which AC is best in 1.5 ton with best price

Which AC is best in 1.5 ton with best price

Indian summers are hot and harsh. Dry heat may have a negative impact on the human body and mind, especially in northern and central India. The level of humidity in India's coastal regions, where the temperature rises slightly, can drain a person's energy completely.

Ancient humans came up with strategies to combat the heat, including using high ceilings when building homes, using straw as a cooling system on top of roofs, painting the walls white to reflect light back into the atmosphere, employing cooling techniques and tools like Khus Khus grass chick blinds, drinking cool beverages, eating fruits, and getting dressed in breathable fabrics.

With limited time and scarce resources in the modern world, these strategies may not live up to expectations and may be difficult to implement due to changes in lifestyle. Air conditioners are therefore necessary.

Speaking of air conditioners, many will contend that they play a major role in the ozone layer's deterioration. However, since the development of refrigerants like R-32, the environment has seen less pressure. There is a debate about whether split AC or window AC is better.

Which kind of AC would work best for you?

The two most prevalent types of ACs are split AC and window AC. These kinds of air conditioners have the best central air conditioner features and their own unique variations. Let's examine these qualities of air conditioners in further depth so you can choose the one which works the best for you. 

  • Split AC

A split system consists of two parts, the indoor and outdoor unit. Blowers and evaporators are found in indoor units, whilst compressors and condensers are found in outdoor units. The two units are divided by a pipe. Split air conditioners cool more quickly and provide more airflow, but they are more expensive to install and challenging to remove when it's time to relocate. The total efficiency of the AC decreases with increasing unit distance.

  • Window AC

Window air conditioners demand less room than split air conditioners and the installation process is comparatively simpler. A window air conditioner's installation and removal are significantly simpler and less expensive because all of its parts are contained in a single unit. Window air conditioners can make life easier for people who constantly move and live in rental houses. However, it doesn't have the same stylish appearance as a split air conditioner. These ACs are typically loud and also block window spaces. Additionally, they might not function effectively in particularly big spaces.

We'll limit our discussion to split air conditioners. Split air conditioners is for you if you value aesthetics and quality of life. They have attractive interior units that are installed on the wall and operate quietly. Even though they cost more than window air conditioners, once installed, they use less electricity overall than the latter. The best of them for middle-class Indian houses is a 1.5-ton air conditioner.

Why should you choose a Livpure Air Conditioner?

The 1.5T Smart Inverter AC from Livpure adjusts your air conditioner to fit several customized modes according to your convenience and the surrounding temperature. 

Features of Livpure Air Conditioner

  • 5-Star rating

Because it uses less energy, the 1.5T Smart Inverter AC from Livpure is a 5-Star labeled air conditioner. This is an Environmentally friendly AC. The cooling systems operate more efficiently and consistently while producing less noise.

  • Different modes for customized comfort

Have the air conditioner with three distinct clever modes for a customized level of comfort. For your split AC, Livpure technology offers three smart modes: HEKA mode for optimal comfort and energy usage, Magic Mode for ultimate comfort, and Green Mode for maximum energy efficiency. The smartest and most effective product you can get for cooling your rooms in the summer is this 1.5-ton split AC with a 5-star rating from Livpure.

  • Livpure Smart Technology

Our smart system has been designed so that it can pick up information from you and adjust to the way you live. Using your GPS location and a carefully created comfort chart, the AC uses its understanding of the surrounding environment to determine the ideal temperature for you.

  • EGAPA Filter

The air conditioner has an EGAPA Filter, which is made of specifically activated carbon and provides you with pure air more quickly than any other AC. It aids in removing unhealthy gases such as VOC, SOX, NOX, and ammonia that are present in toxic air, Dust and other particulates that are present in dirty air, and mold, fungus, viruses, and bacteria from the air.

  • Turns on automatically when you get close to it 

The Livpure AC has Intelligent Geofencing Technology, which enables the AC to switch on or off depending on the location of your phone within a certain range from the AC.

  • Diagnoses itself

Modern technology makes Livpure ACs an effective purchase for long-term savings. The Livpure 1.5T Smart Inverter AC comes with the “I-Diagnosis” function. It enables automatic detection of any issues and alerts you through an app so you can prevent major AC breakdowns and costly maintenance, which will save you money. 

  • Voice-activated device

With the sound of your voice, easily control your AC. Use Google Home and Amazon Alexa to turn on and off the air conditioner and manage other settings like temperature and mode of operation.

How should you use your Livpure AC?

  • Regular AC filter cleaning or replacement by authorized service personnel
  • Don't entirely enclose or block the outside unit.
  • Regularly check the ductwork for leaks. Contact the Service Team if there is a continuous loss of Performance (Cooling).
  • Plan a yearly checkup with a professional.
  • From time to time, set the AC to standby.
  • Avoid spraying anything directly on the filter or the indoor unit.

About Livpure

You may modify your AC to match your customized mode with Livpure Technology. Our products are handy and designed with geofencing technology for your comfort. You can now operate your air conditioner from anywhere at any time thanks to voice command technology.

Now get a product demo via live video call and enjoy a showroom-like experience in the convenience of your own home with one-way video for your complete privacy.

Schedule a time that works for you.

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