Split AC vs Window AC - Which one is for you?

Split AC vs Window AC - Which one is for you?

Indian summers are one of the most exhausting weather conditions you can experience. It takes away our sleep and keeps us tired all day long because of the heat and the sweat. With ACs taking over our work environment, we often usually want the same comfortable environment for our homes too - so that we can sleep and eat peacefully and have a cool weekend. Our market is flooded with ACs - not only of different powers but majorly of two different kinds - window AC and split AC. This article will discuss what is the best option for you out of these two, with both having pros and cons and suitability according to your needs.

Window AC vs Split AC. What is the Difference?

There are some basic differences between window AC and split AC. Before we get into the depths of the differences between both of them, let’s understand the basics of What is Window AC vs Split AC.

What is Split AC

Split ACs are mounted on the wall and are typically used for bigger rooms as their cooling capacity is higher than a window AC. They are not window mounted and hence installing them does not require a window gap. They come with a condenser and a compressor. The compressor is placed within the outdoor unit while the evaporator is placed within the indoor unit which cools your room or hall.

What is Window AC

These are wall-mounted and are apt for smaller rooms with a window space. They are more pocket-friendly and also the maintenance cost is low. They typically are available in one unit, where the one face with air vents is installed inside the room while the rest hangs outside the window supported by brackets.

Should you purchase a Split AC or a Window AC?

If you are majorly torn between buying these two air conditioners and wondering which AC is the best window ac vs split ac, read further to see what suits you the best.

The Price Difference

There is a considerable difference between split ac and window ac with regards to the price point. A window ac is cheaper than a split ac for the same tonnage. A window AC’s maintenance is also much cheaper than that of a split AC. But the price difference is because of a reason. While a split AC costs almost double of a window AC, with the same tonnage, a split AC can cool a bigger room. You should also consider various other factors apart from the price points.

Electricity Consumption

To begin with, the consumption of energy depends upon the star rating of the appliance. You can not compare a 3-star split and a 5-star window air conditioner. Irrespective of the sort of cooling system, a 5-star air conditioning is certainly more energy-efficient than a 3 star one. However, if you compare window AC and split AC for the identically rated cooling, a split AC is more efficient than a window one. Furthermore, non-inverter models don't seem to be as forgiving as inverter models. Also, the efficiency of any cooling system deteriorates as and when it gets old. It also deteriorates with a lack of maintenance.

Maintenance Cost

To begin with, window ACs are much easier to install than a split AC, and the former is easily portable as well. Split AC requires wall mounting as well as external space for the outdoor unit. Window ACs are simple machines. They just require a window space to be installed, have no external units, and can also be moved easily. Due to them being simple machines, they also do not need very expensive maintenance. Whereas, Split ACs need regular maintenance and the maintenance also costs higher.

Noise emitted

One major split AC and window AC difference is the noise. The window AC makes much more noise because of the noise caused by the compressor which is housed inside a single unit. That single unit is also close to the user in the room. Whenever the compressor is on, it makes a loud noise, which can be quite inconvenient for longer use. A split AC does not make so much noise as the compressor is in the outside unit, not causing any noise disturbance inside the room.

The difference in the Design

Installing a split AC always requires assistance and also incurs extra installation charges. Also, if you are staying in a rented place, it's not always a decent idea to put in a split AC as they are not portable. Window ACs are easy to put in and don't require any expertise as such. Plus, they're portable. Split AC also comes in various colours and patterns which will change the whole look of your room. Window AC, on the other hand, is constrained colour-wise and can look unaesthetic.

Cooling Capacity of the Air Conditioner

Even though the cooling capabilities of both split AC and window AC units are good, it is also quite dependent upon the tonnage and other criteria. Split ACs are designed to cool down larger rooms because they are mounted high on the wall. Also, they are available in high tonnage compared to window ACs. But that’s not the case with window ACs. They're designed to circulate air efficiently in smaller closed spaces.

Livpure Air Conditioners 

Livpure offers a range of smart split air conditioners which are powered by HEKA technology and are energy efficient. The range consists of smart ready 1.2T 3 star AC, smart ready 1.6T 3 star AC, 1.6T 3-star smart inverter AC and 1.5T 5-star smart inverter AC. The ACs also come with an inbuilt air purifier that removes 98% of harmful pollutants and 99% of the odour. The eco-friendly refrigerant is not only minimizing ozone depletion but also has more cooling capabilities. The smart ready ACs can be easily upgraded to a smart AC. You can trust Livpure ACs as they self diagnose any problems and can be controlled remotely through smart devices.


Now that we have talked about the disadvantages and advantages of split ac over window ac in detail, you can make a wise decision as you go further to buy an AC this summer. Additionally, remember that split AC has a longer lifetime and is increasingly made energy efficient with many additional features to them which do not harm our environment. Beat the summers and invest in an AC which suits your needs the best.

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