What type of mattress do you need? A single mattress, double bed mattress, or custom-sized one,or want type of support do you need?, etc.... The best place to start is to consider if you want a foam mattress, spring, coir, or anything else. Here, we will cover the various kinds of foams available in the market and what they cater to.


A foam mattress is made of various kinds of foam, singularly or in a combination, and is devoid of springs, coils, or coil. ... Most often, foam mattresses use a blend of different materials like memory foam, polyethylene foam, high resilience foam, etc. These days, foam is the most popular choice for beds. It is available in different budgets for everyone.


Polyurethane Foams

It is also known popularly as polyfoam. It is structurally similar to memory foam but lacks the chemical composition which helps the bed to conform to your body. It is also the best budget foam option you can get. But this foam lacks durability.

Memory Foam

It is made similarly to polyfoam, but additional chemicals increase its viscosity and density. It quickly conforms to your body and retains shape. There are three kinds of memory foam- traditional, open-cell, and gel memory foam

Reflex Foam

Reflex foam bed is an alternative option to memory foam if the budget is your concern. While memory foam uses pinholes, this one uses bubbles to conform to your body. It is also firmer than memory foam, which can be a good for some people.

Gel Foam

Gel foam is essentially memory foam with gel beads inserted carefully in the structure to help you sleep cool and reduce the excessive heat that memory foam is known for.

Convoluted Foam

This foam is also called egg crate foam due to its shape and form. It is usually used in mattress toppers or mattresses to give an extra support layer. It is easy on the wallet, but might not be comfortable as a bed material by itself.


  • Pain Relief - Most foam beds have the ability to keep your spines aligned and keep your joints in a comfortable, cradling position. It provides pain relief and helps you wake up fresh in the morning without odd cramps. Memory foam, gel foam, and latex foam are the best for this
  • Weight - Livpure mattresses are not heavy like other foam mattresses, without cutting down on the quality and density of the foam. They are easily portable. They are also conveniently packed by us using vacuum sealing so that they can be transported easily right to your bed.
  • Not too hot- Livpure mattresses comes with airy, breathable, removable, and washable mattress cover. It keeps you sleeping cool all night long. The gel beds in our memory foam mattress and latex mattress helps in Indian summers.
  • Not Waterproof - Usually foam mattresses are not waterproof and may get damaged due to accidental spills. Livpure provides an option to choose a waterproof mattress cover, the foam as well is low maintenance and does not get damaged over a long period of time.
  • Heavy Price - Most quality foam mattresses also come with a heavy price tag. The best mattress in the market from Livpure starts from a budget-friendly price range. Now you do not have to compromise on quality.


A foam bed mattress is suitable for anyone, but especially if you are a side sleeper or sleep on your back. Foam has the ability to support your joints and spine well. Memory foam and latex foam provide relief to joints and back pain for sleepers who suffer from medical problems and old age problems as well. Latex foam is also suitable for people who require high levels of support due to injuries. If you sleep with a partner who moves a lot and you wake up because of it, latex or memory foam is the best option for you as they reduce motion transfer.


Livpure offers the best foams which are environment friendly. While they are affordable, you do not have to compromise on the quality. All the foams are dense, durable and also comes with a warranty of up to 10 years so that you can sleep peacefully every night without having to worry about damages and replacement.


If you are looking for the best foam bed for your home, try our range.

Vital Mattress

5-inch mattress is the best budget buy for you if you want to have a comfortable sleep every night. It is made of soft foam on one side and high resilience support foam on the other, giving the best of both worlds if you cannot decide if you want a soft bed or a slightly firmer one.


Regal Mattress

Regal mattress is made of Latex foam, cooling gel memory foam, high resilience foam and topped off with a removable and washable mattress cover. It lets you sleep in the lap of luxury like no other bed for the home in the market.


Ortho X Mattress

If you have orthopedic problems and searching for the best mattress to support your spine and joints, you have come to the right place. Ortho X mattress is made up of cooling gel memory foam and a support layer of high resilience foam to give you the best pain-free sleep possible.



No mattress is one size fits all. But Livpure provides an extensive range so that you can find the best one for yourself. Read up and decide what is best for you and make a wise choice that suits your body and pocket. Check our all year-round offers on our website as well.