Women’s Guide to Sleep

Women’s Guide to Sleep

Sleep as we know is one of the most important aspects for a healthy living. A good night’s rest allows one to have an energetic and productive following day, is a sure given. However, a lot of women around the world struggle with getting a good sleep for a number of reasons. Here is a short guide on how to get the all important good sleep which could, for some, involve a lifestyle change. Let’s get into it.


Mentioned numerous times throughout the ages, routines are important when it comes to a healthy living. This does not mean that one must do the same thing day after day, but rather a generic concept of one’s sleep cycle and conscious hours. Confused here? Well, what we are trying to say is that one must try to get themselves into their slumberous best in and around a regular time on a daily basis. This causes the human mind to fall in tune with ‘sleep hours’, that in turn allows one to fall asleep a lot faster. Routines trick our bodies into being ready for rest and productive periods. Women do have a considerably more complicated situation here, with pregnancies and motherhood playing a huge role. A mother’s routine is generally set around their children's needs, which is not impossible, but does have its own considerations. These involve sleep cycles that would be in tune with the sleep cycles of their offspring, especially with younger children.


Once again, another overly mentioned and as important is diet. Eating healthy caters to our bodies being able to work to their optimum. For good sleep it would be preferable to have an early or light dinner as sleeping on a full stomach would be ill-advised. There are beverages such as chamomile tea or lavender tea that do play their roles in bringing on a good sleep. However, one’s diet throughout the day should not be disregarded, as a healthy diet on the whole is ideal. But, there are notables, such as heavy meals or spicy foods can cause an acid reflux or hot flashes during menopause exercises. Hence, the importance of an educated diet is paramount.


Exercising goes hand in hand with diet. This one is generally slapped with its physical tag but is as important for the mind as well. The activity helps in building and then using energy levels within and permits the body and mind to ease into a deep slumber. A well exercised woman will always find their yearn for rest being easily manageable.

Comfortable and clean spaces

No one likes to fall asleep in an unhygienic environment. Not if good sleep is the desire. A clean and cool space is recommended here along with the necessary bedding. Livpure Sleep caters to these needs to a tee with their Ortho-X memory foam mattress meant to offer the perfect amount of support. Couple that with the brilliant memory foam cool-gel pillow and a premium cotton comforter and you are golden. Livpure Sleep’s Ortho-X memory foam mattress is great for tackling those terrible neck and back pains we all suffer from with our old bedding. The point
seems clear here with hygiene and comfort being key which does make it quite pleasing when hitting the sack.

Meditation and music

Stress is a massive factor for those restless, sleepless, and downright annoying nights. Meditation prior to falling asleep is a time tested way to clear one’s mind and enjoy a good sleep. Meditation is meant to ease the weight of our heads so that rejuvenation of energy levels can occur. Music may also be used as a tool here, with soothing tunes being preferred over heavy metal. Having said that, if it is heavy metal that takes your fancy for a tranquil space, so be it. Either way, both meditation and music are great ways to calm one’s self before they fall into a deep good sleep.

Smart nap times

This one seems self explanatory. In short, nap times should generally take place for a short period during mid day. A nap late evening will play havoc on a woman, or man for that matter, trying to get some sleep at night. The body is now rested and will need those rejuvenated energy levels to subside before the yawns begin again. Hence, keep that afternoon siesta for the afternoon, else a late night it will surely be.
There we go folks. Eat well, exercise, meditate, be comfortable, get into a proper routine and generally take care of yourself. Sleep time is the best time of the day and can feel even better in two ways. Firstly, by considering the list we have just covered, and secondly, with the stunning supportive products of Livpure Sleep.

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