Why should I buy a Livpure water purifier?

Why should I buy a Livpure water purifier?

It is common knowledge that one must regularly drink clean water that is devoid of any toxins in order to keep their health in good standing. The consumption of tap water is problematic due to the presence of dangerous chemicals and inorganic compounds, including lead, which, when present in high enough concentrations, can lead to health problems and kidney issues.  Due to the apparent level of pollution in our environment and the depletion of natural resources, we are in desperate need of a method that can remove these contaminants from the water that we use for drinking. The ability of a RO water purifier and UV water purifier from Livpure to remove contaminants from the water is the primary factor contributing to the widespread adoption of these systems.

It is effective in removing approximately 97% of bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants that are known to contribute to severe health issues. An RO purifier is able to remove a wide variety of impurities, including microparticles that are smaller than 10 microns in size. Because of this, it stands out from the other options that are available at the same cost.

Other machines operate on levels that are relatively smaller, such as 60 microns or 70 microns, but their capacity does not exceed this threshold. Limescale, clay, and other similar substances are examples of the kinds of impurities that can be successfully removed by a RO purifier.

Other types of contaminants, such as those that don't harm your body but do leave a residue on your clothing if you soak them in water polluted with impurities, are also eliminated by a RO purifier. But it is necessary to buy quality water purifiers to achieve the result.

Best Water Purifier In India 2022

Livpure water purifier uses a unique 7-stage filtration process that guarantees the removal of all contaminants, including dissolved impurities, bacteria, and viruses. This makes it one of the best water purifier in India 2022. When choosing a water purifier, certain things are to be considered, such as:

1. UV water purifier

The use of a UV water purifier, which employs UV light to kill microorganisms, is capable of performing the primary form of water filtering. A tube is used to subject the water to rays as it is being pushed through it. On the plus side, UV technology does not require the use of any chemicals and is simple to maintain. Unfortunately, it is not capable of eradicating TDS or the microorganisms that the radiations are able to destroy. There is a presence of these creatures in the water that you will ultimately drink. In short, UV water purifiers kill bacteria and other things that can make you sick.

2. RO water purifier

The RO water purifier, which stands for "Reverse Osmosis," is widely regarded as the most effective water purifier available in the market. Pure RO Water is produced by passing water over a semipermeable membrane. In addition to removing potentially dangerous particles, the process also removes any solids that have been dissolved in the water. In this process, hard water is turned into soft water, making it safe for human consumption. It has a Side Stream RO membrane, a carbon filter, a sediment filter, and a pre-filter built in. Natural minerals and nutrients are preserved, while only the undesirables are filtered out. Maximum water is recovered using advanced recovery technology, reducing water loss to a minimum.

3. RO+UV water purifier

Through the use of a hollow membrane, it filters out all of the suspended particles, bigger fragments, and molecules in the water. UF water purifiers are able to destroy and remove germs and bacteria, but they are unable to remove dissolved particles from the water. It is unable, in contrast to the RO water purifier, to transform hard water into soft water. If you are unsure of the TDS levels in the water, it is advisable to use a RO UV Water Purifier in conjunction with UF water filtration for the best possible drinking experience. One such available water purifier that uses this technology is the alkaline water purifier.

4. UV+UF water purifier

UV+UF water purifier is a great option to consider If you want a water purifier that can get rid of both bacteria and dissolved impurities from the water. It uses UV light to kill bacteria and UF filtration to remove dissolved particles. It makes a great choice for those who are concerned about both the safety and quality of their drinking water.

5. Copper water purifier

It's a new technology in which the water is passed through a copper vessel, and the impurities are removed. Copper filters are highly effective at destroying bacteria that are present in water because of their composition. Copper's anti-inflammatory properties make it a valuable metal. And this is not the end of the benefits; it can also assist you in shedding excess pounds, boost the efficiency of your digestive system, and make your skin healthier overall.


Water purifiers give you the freedom to enjoy water that is both pure and risk-free, in contrast to tap water, which provides convenience at the expense of your health. Not only is it simple to install them in your house, but doing so is also among the most beneficial investments you can make for the health of your family as a whole.

To ensure the safety and health of your loved ones, invest in a branded water purifier. It is, therefore, crucial to select a trustworthy water purifier manufacturer. If you're in the market for a RO, it's wise to do some homework and check out some online purifier reviews beforehand. You may learn a lot about a product by talking to people who have used it.

Livpure is a low-cost water purifier that employs UF and UV technology to clean your water supply. It has a sophisticated 4-stage filtration process to ensure that the water you drink is pure. It guarantees an abundant supply of clean water and cuts down on water wastage.

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