Why Only Tap Water is Not Sufficient for Your Body

Why Only Tap Water is Not Sufficient for Your Body

Let’s say you have consistently followed the cardinal rule of drinking at least eight glasses of water daily for the past few months. It seems like it has been forever. You expect to achieve all the benefits drinking water promises you for a healthier lifestyle – glowing skin, shiny hair, or strengthening your metabolism. But it has been months, and the results are nowhere visible. Are you in this position? The reason could be your tap water.

Though municipalities have their water purification system, chances are that water coming from your tap is highly contaminated with chemicals, bacteria, pesticides and other toxins.

UNICEF India estimated that India has an economic burden of USD 600 million yearly because of waterborne diseases. Water pollution has become a significant threat to drinking water. Simply drinking water is not enough. You need to drink purified, clean and safe water.

Purified water is treated so that it removes all unnecessary chemicals and minerals without eliminating essential natural minerals.

Read on to know why your regular tap water will not do what purified water can do for your health.

What is purified water?

Purified water is water that has been processed and mechanically filtered to remove impurities and contaminants. Heavy metals like copper and lead can result in medical conditions like anaemia, and brain, kidney and liver damage.

Purified water eliminates bacteria that can cause nausea, stomach pain and sickness. It filters harmful toxins such as medications, microbes, plastic, etc., reducing the risk of chronic diseases.

A significant benefit of purified or filtered water is that it helps remove chlorine, which is generally added as a disinfectant in the public water supply. Chlorine can induce the risk of cancer when ingested regularly.

One of the reasons you might struggle to drink water is the unpleasant taste it acquires through chemical treatments, the presence of organic matter, and metal plumbing. Purified water eliminates this taste and gives you clean and pure water to drink.

Reasons to drink purified water

In the present world of climate change and pollution at its peak, a natural resource like water is not safe to drink directly. Purifying water before drinking has become necessary. Water filtration is not a modern invention – it has been around for centuries, albeit through different methods.

But with rapid advancements in technology, we can access clean water from the comfort of our homes with a water purification system which uses the reverse osmosis method. Here are six reasons to start drinking purified water:

It keeps you hydrated

Water constitutes over 70% of your body composition. Hence, adequate water intake is vital for the optimal functioning of your brain, muscles and joints. Keeping track of your water intake ensures high energy throughout the day.

A hydrated is less likely to suffer muscle cramps and injuries. Moreover, the glow automatically appears on your hair and skin when you drink pure and healthy water. It helps make your skin look youthful and illuminating. Drinking ample purified water also strengthens the quality of your hair and the overall health of your scalp.

It aids in weight loss

Drinking water is the key to losing weight. Drinking purified water can effectively boost your metabolic system. It cleanses your body of any harmful toxins and regulates your appetite by increasing your metabolic rate.

It detoxifies your body

Keeping yourself hydrated can naturally detoxify your body and aids in easy digestion. Tap water is generally full of impurities and toxins and can actually have the opposite effect on your gut health.

You’ll also be able to increase your metabolism, reduce fatigue and feel more energised. You only need to drink around eight glasses of water daily to keep your body healthy. Furthermore, drinking clean and pure water also keeps your kidney functioning healthily.

It helps combat diseases

Drinking ample water is the best way to prevent diseases and stay healthy. Purified water incorporates vital nutrients such as electrolytes, vitamins and minerals in your bloodstream.

You should drink water throughout the day to prevent diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, constipation, urinary tract infections, asthma and many others.

Benefits of RO purified water

Now that you know why consuming a sufficient amount of purified water daily is necessary, you might wonder where you can constantly access it. One way is to buy bottles of purified water from the store but this is extremely harmful to the environment. It also generates massive amounts of waste, and can be heavy on your pocket.

A water purifier can directly clean your tap water at home without leaving behind any non-degradable remnants. So, not only does it taste better, but it also protects our environment from pollution and waste.

RO purifier is one of the best water purifiers in the market. It utilizes reverse osmosis technology to effectively remove up to 98% of contaminants from drinking water. You can connect it directly to your tap and get safe drinking water whenever you need.

Ultimately healthy water prepares healthy food. Untreated water is contaminated with various minerals and chemicals that can alter the taste of your food. Boiling water only kills bacteria, but the contaminants still stay in it. RO water purifier eliminates unwanted minerals and impurities from water and tastes better as well.


Water is an essential nutrient for human health. While food provides your body with energy and helps to create new cells, water is required for everyday bodily functions.

Water is also essential for maintaining a healthy weight. Not consuming enough water lowers your metabolic rate, and slows down the burning of calories, which can lead to weight gain. Drinking enough water can help you maintain not only your weight, but an overall healthy lifestyle.

Now that you know how a water purification system can positively impact your and your family’s health, it is high time you invest in one. A Livpure water purifier is one of the best purifiers for your family. Visit their website and buy yours today!

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