Why latex mattress is the best and long-lasting

Why latex mattress is the best and long-lasting

After a long hectic day, what a person needs the most is a recharge for their mind and body. For this recharge, you need to get an ample amount of sleep.  Your bedroom is like a sanctuary for you, a safe space meant just for yourself where you pay attention to everything as per your preferences. Then why not opt for sleeping on a latex mattress that fits all your needs and preferences? Sleep is a luxury that all of us can afford, thus having a mattress that is not only comfortable but also pocket friendly is very important.

There is a wide variety of mattresses available in the market, ranging from different prices to sizes. While you are considering buying a mattress, do not forget to upgrade your old mattress too. Now, what type of mattress would be exactly the type you are looking for? Everybody has their own mattress preferences but our suggestion would lean towards latex mattresses. Here is why you should upgrade your mattress to a latex mattress:

What Does Latex Mean?

Latex is a milky white-colored fluid that is found in many plants and is obtained when a cut is made in the stem. Although it is found in most plants, the chief source of genuine latex is a rubber tree. The latex is 55% water and 45% of rubbery white fluid. This latex fluid is found beneath the bark of the rubber tree so to collect it, cutting off the entire tree is not required.

Latex is used as a base material for many products, for example, surgical gloves, paints, glue, mattresses, etc.

When used in a mattress, it is considered a natural latex mattress. There are several reasons why one should buy a latex mattress:

  1. Provides premium comfort: Now you might wonder why comfort is important during sleep. The answer is simple. Comfortable sleep ensures that you are rested enough and that your body is ready for work the next day. Sleeping on an uncomfortable, inconvenient mattress ruins your sleep schedule thus ruining your mood for the next day too. Hence, one should opt for a latex mattress as it is highly comfortable and convenient for the buyer. The ideal size of the latex super soft mattress is the queen size if you are someone who lives alone or prefers sleeping alone.
  2. Proper positioning of spine and back ache relief: If you are someone who suffers from chronic back aches or if the mattresses that you have used so far failed to provide the necessary support for your spine then the Livpure latex mattress is the perfect mattress that will not disappoint you. It is structured in such a way that it does not dip awkwardly while you toss or turn in your sleep rather it adjusts according to your sleep position. This latex mattress is made up of firm foam that is highly durable and resilient.
  3. Resistant to outside pollutants, dust, and allergen-free: Are you aware that your regular non-inspected mattress might be responsible for your allergies because of the chemicals present in it? As mentioned above, the latex mattress is made up of 100% natural latex foam therefore no chemicals reduce the product quality. Its natural elements forbid it from forming molds during moist weather whereas the cool gel-based outer foam prevents the mattress from collecting dust or any other particles that would disturb your good night’s sleep.
  4. Environment friendly: The rubber trees eliminate the carbon dioxide gas present in the air along with reducing the harmful effects of other toxic gasses present in the atmosphere. To obtain the latex in its raw material form, the rubber tree is not chopped down, instead, it is tapped on the bark since the latex fluid is found under the bark’s surface. So, in no way is this harming nature or causing an imbalance rather it is increasing the rubber tree plantations across the world. Thus, the latex mattress is most definitely environmentally friendly.
  5. 100% metal free: Mattress companies that use metal springs while manufacturing their mattresses do not consider the fact that there are high chances that they would be affected because of heat, water, and air. This might lead to the rusting of the metal resulting in the reduction of the life span of your mattress. Not only that but the metal springs produce an irritating squeaky noise when a person moves on the bed. On the other hand, latex super soft mattresses do not make use of metal springs. Their structure is designed in such a way that the foam thickness itself brings a natural springiness to the mattress.
  6. Durable and have a long life: Due to its all-natural components and its design structure, the latex mattress has a long life span. It is reversible meaning you can use it from both sides depending on which side you are comfortable with. It can withstand harsh summers, heavy monsoons, and freezing winters without damaging its quality.
  7. Non-flammable and odor-free: Latex mattresses do not contain any chemicals to increase their quality or life span. Thus, the mattresses are non-flammable, meaning they cannot catch fire. The same applies when it comes to the odor of the mattress. No chemicals mean no unexpected chemical reaction with external factors. In fact, the essences and oils in the mattress used to mediate your sleep are also plant-based and chemical-free. This factor alone is a major reason why you should upgrade to a latex mattress.

The Livpure Range

The Jeeva Mattress: The Jeeva Mattress is a Livpure foam mattress with a 100% natural latex top layer. Available in single, twin, queen, and king sizes, this mattress’s second plant oil-based foam layer is infused with healing biocrystals.

The elasticity of the natural latex ensures you enjoy undisturbed deep sleep while the spine remains well-aligned. It also relieves pressure points to reduce joint and back aches. The mattress’s pin core structure promotes greater breathability for sound sleep.

Finally, this Livpure bed mattress in natural latex comes with a 350 GSM organic cotton cover that is free of harmful chemicals and dyes and is also hypoallergenic in nature.

Regal 8 Latex Mattress With Memory Foam: The Livpure regal 8 latex mattress with memory foam is easily the most innovative deep sleep solution in the current market. Available in three variants – Basic, Advanced, and Premium – the mattress is a royal 8-inch thick block of a top 1.5-inch cool gel memory foam layer followed by a 1.5-inch latex foam and a 5-inch high resilience foam layer that sits just above the anti-skid base.

Being the Livpure best latex mattress, the Premium variant also comes embedded with 16 biocrystals that have healing properties and induce deep sleep. It also features the advanced LuxeX Technology, which is exclusively developed to cradle the heavier parts of the body and support the lighter parts for that perfect balance.

As a result, you can enjoy unparalleled luxury-level comfort each night.

About Livpure

With over a decade of experience crafting consumer-centric mattresses, Livpure assures you of premium quality, superior comfort, and top-notch customer service. If you can’t locate a nearby store, easily purchase a Livpure mattress online. Livpure mattress price varies from double bed size to single bed size.

Find easy online payment options and free shipping pan-India. Now that you can stop running a search for ‘ mattress near me,’ what is the wait for? Get in touch and purchase your front-row ticket to the ultimate snooze sanctuary!

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