Why Is A Water Purifier Important?

Why Is A Water Purifier Important?

Pure water is the most vital thing in everyone’s life. Access to clean, potable drinking water is a fundamental right. But alas! It is now considered a luxury. The scarcity of clean drinking water and the risk of water contamination makes it difficult for a considerable mass to be denied safe drinking water from water purifier

The challenge of securing a safe drinking water supply is increasing daily around the world. Unclean and unpurified water brings contaminants, foul odor, and bad taste, raising many health concerns. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that around 829,000 people die yearly from diarrhoea. In times like this, picking a water purifier for home can reduce the risk of consuming contaminated water, thus reducing the chances of waterborne diseases. 

A water purifier is not only necessary for providing clean drinking water, but it also helps to keep the environment clean by reducing the amount of money spent on mineral water bottles.

Here are some of the reasons why you should invest in a water purifier for home.

Why are water purifiers important?

Most of you get your water supply from your local municipal water pipelines. Before reaching your home, the water is disinfected by going through a chlorine treatment, after which it is considered safe for consumption. However, there might be some associated problems with chlorine treatment.

Treating water with chlorine might be the most common method of disinfection. But the amount of chlorine in the treatment makes the water taste sour. Apart from this, the water pipes may be poorly maintained, causing mineral deposition and sedimentation. 

Therefore, you can choose a water purifier for home to get rid of such complaints and get purified water to add to the health of the entire household. The following are some reasons to bring a water purifier home:

1. Ensuring the quality of drinking water

As hinted above, the water supply reaching your house can have mineral deposits from unmaintained or faulty pipelines. Hence, using a water purifier to eliminate such deposits from your municipal water supply is reasonable.

Water filtration and purification systems remove a wide range of impurities from water and make water safe for you to drink.

2. Removal of Contaminants

Depending on where you live and the proximity, there can be several contaminants found in the water supply. Disease-causing microbes like bacteria, traces of pesticides and sometimes, even radiological compounds can find their way into it. 

Primary water treatment will not be enough to remove each and every contaminant. However, a household water purifier can cater to your different filtration requirements. 

3. Easy on the Environment

35% of Europeans drink bottled water, which has grown by more than 10% in the last decade, and this creates a demand for plastic, which eventually causes harm to the environment. Without a purification system at home, you may have to invest in mineral water bottles to ensure that your family has access to clean drinking water. Nonetheless, it is not the most sustainable option in the long run. 

Having many plastic water bottles lying around also increases the toll of safely disposing of them and ensuring that they are recycled. If not disposed of correctly, they might end up in landfills and harm the environment.

You can reduce the environmental risk by choosing a water purification system for your home. Not only will it dispel purified water, but with a mineralizing purifier, you can add minerals to your drinking water.

4. Health Protection

Consuming unclean water with pathogens increases the risk of diseases like cholera, diarrhoea, or dysentery. RO water purification system at home can also help eliminate such disease-causing microorganisms from your water. 

The reverse osmosis (RO) system passes the water with force through a semipermeable membrane with a pore size of nanometers. It helps to filter out harmful bacteria, and viruses and purifies chemicals like lead, copper, and chloride from the water.

Now that you know the importance of water purifier, here are some options of purification systems that you can choose for your household.

What household water purifiers should you choose from? 

1. RO Water Filter

RO water purification system removes contaminants from water by applying hydraulic pressure. The applied pressure passes water through partially permeable membranes to separate harmful materials, ions, and unwanted particles from drinking water.

The particles removed through the RO system range from pathogens, salts, dyes, and dissolved organic materials to heavy metals and other unwanted elements.

2. UV Water Filter

A UV water purifier uses UV light to disintegrate the DNA of harmful microbes in your drinking water, thereby destroying them. 

The UV purification system uses a mercury lamp to reflect UV light with a wavelength of 254 nanometers onto the pathogens to kill them,  and the UV water purifier can also kill bacteria and viruses more effectively with increased energy input.

3. UF Water Filter

The Ultra Filter (UF) uses a membrane similar to the RO purifier. UF water purifiers do not use electricity to remove harmful bacteria and viruses to give you safe drinking water. However, a UF filter may not be effective in removing dissolved salts.

To pick the best water purifier for the kitchen, you can mix and match the different options of water purifiers available on the market. A RO+UV or RO+UF water filter can help add minerals to the water while removing its foul taste. 

It is equally important to store your purified water in clean and safe containers to keep you hydrated all day long.

The most popular picks are sturdy plastic water bottles. If you are environmentally conscious, the best container to store water can be a glass or a stainless steel bottle.

Bottom Line

The different factors weighing on the importance of clean water consumption on your health and the environment are enough to choose a purifier for your house. With Livpure’s assistance, picking out the water purifier best suited to your needs can be easy.

Visit the website and browse the RO water purifier list. Livpure offers excellent deals, exciting discounts and offers throughout the year to accommodate your domestic water purification needs in one place.

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