Why Does Everybody Sleep After Playing Holi?

Why Does Everybody Sleep After Playing Holi?

Holi is the festival of colors. It is also the welcoming of summers. Holi is definitely one of the most awaited festivals in India and the best thing about it is, that you can escape anything by saying ‘Bura Na Mano Holi Hai’. But mostly, you never want to escape it, because it is fun- songs, dances, and all the food! So when it comes to this festival everything is fair in love and Holi! But what comes after all that color and bhang are the after-effects of playing Holi! follow below sleep tips and enjoy holi.

Why do we get sleepy after playing with colors?

Let’s get it straight- it is not about the colors themselves. It is because we are happy, we feel tired after all the playing and jumping and running, and all the good food! We get more exercise than we get on other days, and our endorphins are rushing because we are having fun with our friends and family. What are we talking about? Read on. 

Psychological benefits of Holi celebration

There are many psychological benefits of celebrations. Holi comes with celebrations and a lot of colors- then it must be adding that extra oomph to your life, right? 

Colors Bring Emotions

Playing with different bright colors brings our emotions outside. It brings a particularly reasonable excitement to our lives. Also, it influences our behavior and therefore the feeling of joy represented by colors outside is also reflected inside.

Colors and relevance Brain

When we see bright colors, it becomes a catalyst. The brain is fed with happy emotions. Bright colors represent our inner brightness and happiness, thus making us happier.

Food as Happiness

During the Holi season, we make and serve lots of sweets. Sweets augment our emotions and feelings, making an individual feel happy. There is always a relationship between good carbs and mood, hence consumption of sweets releases happy chemicals in our brain. Good food makes someone more relaxed and keeps them in a good mood. But be careful, overeating is never good for health! 

Social Gatherings

During this season, we are meeting with our friends and families. Meeting and chit-chatting with our friends create an environment of opening up. Social gatherings bring out joy and playfulness in us. It also cures our loneliness. Thus, it helps in making this season more enjoyable.

A lot of Exercises

We all know doing exercise keeps the body healthy and also the mind active. During this festive season, there's plenty of running, jumping, falling, etc, which counts as lots of exercises. All this exercise keeps you fresh and active, which generally keeps the body and mind healthy. Also, when your body is tired, a good quality sleep in spite of everything lets you be ready for the next morning.

Know your alcohol limits

The festive season is the time you meet your friends and family and get a bit of relaxation and fun time. At these times, we often binge drink, especially at festival parties and office parties, after all, who says no to free booze!. There is even a cultural pressure to get intoxicated and engage in merriment. Binge drinking is related to many risks to health, including damage to the liver, heart, brain, and stomach and sleep deprivation. But if you take care of your drinking, it is not such a bad thing.

Alcohol guidelines recommend that both men and women drink no more than 14 units a week, to keep health risks from drinking alcohol to a low level. If you do drink as much as 14 units a week, it's best to spread this evenly over three days or more – don't ‘save up’ your units for a particular day or a party. 14 units of wine are around one and a half bottles and trust us, it’s enough for a week. Just be sure not to drink all your units in one night, instead of spread it over 2-3 days and save yourself from disturbed sleep and a bad hangover the next morning! 

Gifts of love for you dear ones

Drawing out a list of Holi gifts for your near and dear ones takes your sleep away, doesn’t it? Going with the current times, your gift should not only show love, but also care and concern. If your friend loves sweets, show care for them by gifting them a hamper of dry fruits and nuts, energy bars, healthy cereal, and sugar alternatives. This will not only aid their sugar craving but also not harm their health. Homemade gift hampers are great because they can be customized and adds that personal touch people crave during these times of hardships and uncertainty. 

Sleep better

After all the celebrations, any way you will be sleepy. But, to feel sleepy like this every day, you need to set your bedroom right and cozy. Livpure’s website offers a wide range of sleeping products to make your bedroom a sleep haven. What about other’s sleep? 

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The bottom line

We should of course participate in all the merriment of colors. Even if it makes you sleepy, do not take it lightly. Be happy but stay within your limits- especially with alcohol and sweets (and maybe even the bhang, after all, the next day is a workday!). Happy Holi and sweet dreams!

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