Why does a Water Purifier Cost so Much?

Why does a Water Purifier Cost so Much?

If you ever looked up the price of a water purifiers, you might have had second thoughts about buying it. Looking at the cost would have made you debate whether it is necessary. Well, it is.

The quality of water we consume has to be high. Water that comes in our taps is full of chemicals and pollutants. Getting a water purifier for safety is the only way to avoid consuming harmful substances. 

While most people consider the cost before buying a water purifier, you should realize that when it comes to health, it is much better to spend on a water filter than on doctors' bills. The former will definitely be the cheaper option. 

Also, you should know that the price of water purifier is not that high. Especially when you buy water purifier online, you will find many deals and offers.

So, dive in to learn more about whether water filters are as expensive as people say they are or if it is just a myth! Also, we will tell you about India's best water purifier before you get to the end.

Is tap water really as dangerous as people say it is?

Drinking unfiltered tap water is a big no-no. It has many hazardous chemicals, hormones, pesticides, and pollutants that could badly affect your health. The various odors and tastes it contains completely ruin the quality.

Did you know that thousands of individuals are affected by the water they drink every year? This is because of the number of pollutants in tap water caused by damaged distribution pipes. This water could develop diseases like coli, salmonella, and cholera. 

The safest option is to get a water purifier. It assures you of filtering out about 99.9% of pollutants, including lead and arsenic – which are very hard to remove. A water purifier is the only solution to access pure consumable water. 

All you need to know about How to buy online water purifier 

You might wonder if you should 'buy water purifier online' or 'where I can buy online purifier'. It is a good idea to buy online water purifier as you can get it cheaper and delivered straight to your home.

So, how to buy online water purifier? Let's get into it and what you must consider before you buy online water purifier, especially if you want to buy best water purifier:

Know where your Water comes from and check its quality

Be aware of your water source and analyze it to find its salinity, TDS, and hardness. High TDS levels mean water is unsafe and must be purified before consumption.

The purifier depends on the TDS level

You have to buy the purifier based on the TDS level. If the TDS level is more than 500ppm, a reverse osmosis system will be best to remove heavy metals, minerals, and particles. And if the TDS levels are less than 200ppm, you can get UV filtration to filter out impurities.

Which is the Easiest to install?

Some water purifiers can be mounted on a wall or placed on the kitchen counter. These are easy to install as they eliminate needing someone to fix them for you. 

How much Storage space do you need?

The storage capacity of your purifier depends on how much water you will consume daily. A large family (4-5) will need at least 8 litres daily. Keeping that in mind, you will have to select the storage capacity. 

How often will maintenance be needed?

Check that the purifier is low maintenance and what will have to be done in case anything happens. Some companies provide annual maintenance. 

Besides that, you are also supposed to clean out filters depending on the impurities come in the water. 

What's your Budget?

You must have a budget in mind to buy your water purifier in best price. Livpure water purifier priceis known to be affordable, so it doesn't make a hole in your pocket. You can shop online for more offers and deals.

Have you heard these before? Good news, they are just myths! 

Is it necessary to own a water purifier at home in today's world is essential. Its benefits clearly outweigh the cons. Also, it has never been more important to own one. 

With water quality so poor, having a way to get rid of impurities is much needed. But there are several myths surrounding water purifiers and if they are as essential as people seem to believe. But if you buy best water purifieryou will realize that they are just misconceptions. Let us get into them: 

Myth 1: There's nothing safer than Boiled water 

This is not true, even though so many believe boiled water is 100% safe to consume. 

Honestly, boiling water does purify it to a certain extent, but it is not enough. Boiling does not remove so many contaminants. Water can sometimes contain heavy metals like chlorine, arsenic, mercury or lead. 

You will be better off with the safest water purifier in India.

Myth 2: Since water purifiers remove good minerals, it's better not to use them 

This is not always true. 

Some purifiers remove a few minerals and nutrients, but not all of them. Also, the ones that filter them out have ways to replenish them, so the water has the necessary quantity of essential minerals. 

Myth 3: Maintaining a water purifier is too complicated 

People assume that water purifiers are high maintenance. They think they have to be cleaned often and replaced filters frequently.

The truth is, they do require maintenance. Filters must be replaced every year or two, depending on the water quality and source. So it isn't much work.

Myth 4: Water purifiers can only go on the wall

Many people think the purifier must be mounted on a wall. Those renting apartments see this as a big issue and thus avoid buying one. 

Most purifiers have the option to either be mounted to a wall or placed on the countertop.

Myth 5: Water purifiers are not affordable 

Many people prefer buying bottled water because they think it is much cheaper. 

Do the math. You'll see that the price of water purifier is much lower in the long run. Buying a water purifier is a one-time investment that benefits you and the environment.

Livpure water purifiers will help you save time and money

'Water purifiers are expensive' is the most common misconception that most people believe. Sadly, this is the main reason not to buy one. They are so essential to living a healthy life.

You don't have to worry about "Where I can buy online purifier". Livpure sells good ones. Their water purifier for safety removes all pollutants.

Livpure water purifier price is affordable, and you can easily buy their water purifiers online in India. They are considered to sell one of India's best water purifiers, which is why you must try it out.

Another great thing is that they are the safest water purifier in India. They provide water purifier in best price. Go online buy water purifier, and you won't be disappointed.

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