Why Do Rainy Days Make You Sleepy?

Why Do Rainy Days Make You Sleepy?

The pitter-patter sound of rain hitting your window, thunder rolling somewhere off within the distance, a darker than usual day making you feel like snoozing the day away and not working. This calming combination can cause you to be sleepy within the morning and might linger throughout the day if storms persist. These sleepy rainy days can become too much if the weather persists.  But what is it about rainy days that make us so tired?

How does the weather affect your mood?

Do rainy days make you sleepy? Rest Assured, you are not alone in this ditch. If you are feeling down during a downpour, it is not your imagination. Weather conditions can hurt emotions. The people who have reported that the rainy season affects their mood negatively, feel angrier and less happy on days with more rainfall. It has also been found that rain even increased the number of negative posts published on social media platforms. So, does the weather affect the mood? When it gets dark and dreary out, some people permit themselves to have more susceptibility to feeling lonely or down.

The reason for sleepiness during this weather is directly linked to this feeling of being down and sluggish. Let us look into some details of why this usually happens. 

Why Do Rainy Days Make You Sleepy?

Lack of Sunlight

The reason for feeling sleepy during rainy days is the lack of bright sunlight outside. Light controls our circadian rhythms, and hence, without the bright sunlight, our body does not get the signal to wake up, even if it is morning and time to start the day.

The Soothing sound of rain

The pitter-patter of rain, called the pink noise, acts like white noise and aids you to fall asleep to the rhythm. While it is an excellent sound to sleep at night, it can be detrimental during the day. 

Limited outdoor activity

Rains limit our outdoor activity and we are usually stuck in our homes all day long. With the pandemic, we have already been inside our homes too long, and the rains make it more difficult to not go to sleep all the time. Overcoming sleepiness is a hard job when you can’t go outside for a stroll whenever you want.

High Humidity

High humidity can make us feel drowsy and sluggish, and also affects the water content of our body. It also makes us sleep badly during the night because of the insane heat and sweating due to it. Our Ortho-X mattress is an orthopedic mattress which is made with cooling gel memory foam. When you sleep on it, it keeps you cool all night and you can sleep peacefully even with humidity. On the plus side, it also helps get rid of any persistent back problems. The outer mattress cover protects the mattress from any sweat stains and encourages the longevity of the bed as well. 

Tips to overcome sleepiness

Exposure to light

It is difficult to get good sunny mornings during the monsoons, but any kind of bright light goes a long way to overcome sleepiness. You will feel more sleepy in the day if you do not expose yourself to some sunlight or bright lights right when you wake up in the morning. If you cannot go outside, sit by the window or switch on bright lights in your room to feel fresh after you wake up.

Stay Hydrated to prevent tiredness

Water is necessary for carrying nutrients all around your body and also to flush out toxins from your body. 50-60% of your body weight is water, but you constantly lose water all day through urine, sweat, and breathing. When you are low on water, the body feels tired and weaker than usual. Consuming fluids in beverages and water-filled food such as vegetables and fruits will help replenish the water your body loses every day and can help you maintain your energy. This is how to overcome drowsiness by keeping yourself hydrated throughout the day.

Incorporate body movement

Sleepy weather can affect your health and make you want to restrict your movements. But ideally, you should push yourself to do the opposite. Get up and exercise every day, to maintain your energy levels and keep your health in check. Incorporate daily exercises into your routine. If you cannot go out for workouts, try doing some workouts at home. If you have busy office hours, make sure to incorporate some movements right on your chair or walk around in your breaks. It will help you to keep active and not feel sleepy.

Give your eyes a break

A sleepy rainy day can stress your eyes out due to a lack of proper light, especially when you work long hours in front of your digital devices. Give your eyes a rest from time to time. Have a shut-eye moment every hour for a few minutes. Also, after work, and especially right before your sleep, keep your devices away as blue light can obstruct a night of good sleep, and leave you tired the next day.

Take a power nap if necessary

If the rainy day is making you feel sleepy, and there is nothing that needs to be done on priority, give yourself permission to enjoy the luxury of a small afternoon nap. It may be a good time to catch up on your shut-eye. A nap helps to get rid of tiredness.

Switch up the tasks you are doing

How can I stay awake on a rainy day? The answer is simple. Do something creative now and then. If you are stuck inside, do not give in to cabin fever. Engage in arts and crafts, write a poem, or bake a sweet treat for yourself. Whatever your creative forte is, making something will help the mind focus on a pleasurable activity and stimulate serotonin production, keeping your mood good and energy refreshed. Boring, routine tasks sometimes give away a somber feeling- creative activities can take that away.

Get a full night’s sleep

The thing that makes you sleepy in the day is not sleeping properly at night. A full night of sleep is very important to feel fresh when you wake up the next day, roaring to take on the tasks for the day ahead. During the monsoon, the weather can get a little chilly, so, invest in a comfortable all-weather comforter so that you can snuggle into it and have a peaceful night of sleep. Our comforter is made to suit all kinds of Indian weather. The microfiber filling will make you feel luxurious and the bright color selections will just give a pop to your sleeping environment.


It is best to correct our lifestyle and make a few changes in our daily activities to keep up with the dark days of the monsoon. With our tips to overcome sleepiness, you might find a solution to your troubles. If not, it is best to consult a doctor before you lose all your sleep and go grumpy in the next weather change.

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