Which water purifier is best for disinfecting municipal water

Which water purifier is best for disinfecting municipal water

To supply you with water, the municipality uses wells, lakes, and reservoirs. The municipality treats the water before releasing it into our homes, but that does not make it entirely safe to drink. Seeing as we are always unsure of the source of water, it also makes us unsure of the contaminants. Amongst contaminants, we can have bacteria, solid sediments, or even total dissolved solvents in our water. Given below is a list of water purifier you can use to make your drinking water safe.

  1. Gravity Water Purifier: This kind of water purifier is used when the water has low TDS levels. This simply means that the level of dissolved salts and chorine is low or even non-existent. A gravity purifier has carbon filters installed in it to help eliminate contaminants. What makes the gravity water purifier a more affordable choice is that it does not require electricity to function. The carbon filters and sediment filters take care of it all for you.
  2. Ultraviolet water purifier: UV water purifiers are used when the supply of water to your home has low levels of total dissolved solids. The UV rays help kill bacteria and other microorganisms that can lead to waterborne diseases. Organisms that can cause diseases like cholera and typhoid are eliminated with the UV rays and this makes your drinking water safer. This kind of water purifier is useful for water that is stored for some time before it is consumed.
  3. Reverse Osmosis or RO water purifier: RO water purifiers are used in cases where the water has high levels of TDS in it. This method also removes dissolved salts and other impurities from the water making it a perfect fit for homes that receive water with a high TDS.

Is an RO water purifier better than a UV water purifier?

While RO and UV filters are both effective at cleaning your drinking water, each type of water purifier has its benefits and drawbacks.

Before making your final purchase, you should take into account a few other considerations. The germs found in the drinking water are eliminated using a UV water purifier. The dead bacteria, however, are still floating around in the water. In contrast, RO filters eliminate the water's bacteria and remove any floating debris. As a result, RO filters provide a cleaner filtration process. Mineral salts and chemicals from your water can be eliminated by a RO filter.

UV filters cannot remove contaminants or dissolved minerals from water supplies. These contaminants could harm your body if they are not checked before the water is consumed. With the pre-filtration technology, RO filters can eliminate muck and particles from the water. The UV filters don't have this option, and they are appropriate for places with less silt in the water. However, RO filters require electricity to push water at high pressure through its semipermeable membrane. UV water purifiers are low maintenance and operate with regular water pressure.

While saving time and maintaining the water's natural flavor and odor, the Ultraviolet purifiers are quicker than the RO filter. Based on many opinions out there, we would recommend you invest in an RO filter to ensure the safety of your family with clean drinking water.

Why should you invest in an RO purifier?

Below are a few reasons to help you understand the benefits of investing in an RO purifier.

1. Decontamination

 The main justification for purchasing the best water filter is the assurance that the water is pure and contaminant-free. Public water is contaminated with a variety of contaminants, including chlorine, soluble salts, germs, protozoa, and the deadliest among all metals.

TDS and heavy metals cannot be removed from water by other water purifiers such the ultra-violet (UV) and ultrafiltration (UF) purifiers, which may remove bacteria and chlorine. In other words, water is still bad for your health. The benefits of UV, UF, and reverse osmosis are all included in the RO purifier. Therefore, it can eliminate any pollutants. Knowing that the water is completely safe allows you to relax and enjoy it.

2. Preservation of essential minerals in the water

There has been continual discussion about necessary minerals. Numerous important minerals, like calcium, potassium, magnesium, zinc, copper, iron, and others, can be found in water. These minerals, which are frequently present in the body in trace amounts, are essential for overall health. These minerals are only partially removed by a RO + Ultraviolet water purifier. Some important minerals can also be eliminated as various impurities are taken out of the water.

However, there are two explanations why you shouldn't be concerned about this: first, too many of these minerals can be harmful, and second, any minerals that are lost are made up for by an integrated mineralizer that is included with every Reverse osmosis water machine.

3. Energy efficient

The need of the hour is for greater energy saving. The good news is that using a RO water purification system won't require you to expend a lot of energy. As a result, the system is incredibly economical. Keep in mind, nevertheless, that you should pick a system with a five-star energy rating. Its energy efficiency will also be increased by correctly maintaining the system, which includes routine maintenance of the carbon center, filter, and membrane.

4. Seven stages of purification

The greatest RO purifier is one that filters water numerous times, typically seven times. Up to the final output, which is safe and pure drinking water, each stage of the process is intended to remove a different type of impurity from the water. This method is extremely time-consuming and, in some circumstances, may also be customized to meet your water needs.

Furthermore, even if your household is a large one, a RO purifier is available in a variety of sizes to guarantee you never run out of clean drinking water. Remember that RO purifier costs will vary appropriately. Finally, the system will let you know if the water limit has been reached or if there are any problems with the purifier.

About Livpure

After careful research, you will notice that the best company out there for your needs is Livpure. The water purification system eliminates all types of impurities from the water thanks to its sophisticated seven-stage filtration technology.

Additionally, the built-in mineralizer makes sure that all necessary elements are present. You are making a financial commitment to the health of your family by acquiring this purifier. To find out the cost of a Livpure water purifier, look through their vast selection online. Choose to bring a healthy way of life into your home today! Choose Livpure.

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