Which Water Purifier is Best for Borewell Water?

Which Water Purifier is Best for Borewell Water?

Water has life-giving power, and the veracity of this statement does not just hinge on the fact that 70% of the human body is composed of water. Even ancient texts confirm the renewing and cleansing power of this force of nature. 

As such, there are numerous sources through which nature bestows us with this life-giving force – oceans, rivers, lakes, rainwater, groundwater, icecap water, and more. Of these many sources, borewell water is also one. 

However, is it safe to drink this water directly? No! So, which best water purifier for bore water? This guide answers that and more. 

First Things First: What is Borewell Water?

In simple terms, borewell water is nothing but rainwater that seeps deep into the ground and is trapped between rock layers. It is the most ancient and traditional method of extracting water with the help of sizeable electric drilling pumps that pump the water out from underground crevices. 

Since the water lay hidden within the ground (hundreds and thousands of metres), it naturally consists of numerous impurities. These may include heavy metals, dissolved salts and minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, and microbes like bacteria and viruses. 

All these together render the water a considerable degree of hardness. Hence, it is not fit for direct consumption and purification of water is crucial. Not doing so may lead to waterborne diseases such as cholera, typhoid, etc. 

Which is an Ideal Water Purifier for Borewell Water?

When deciding the best water purifier in India for borewell water, it is essential to understand the different kinds of impurities the water may contain. Now, it is equally vital to know that the borewell water extracted from different regions will have different levels of contaminants. 

On average, borewell water has a high concentration of Total Dissolved Salts and Solids (TDS), usually above 200. There may be variations among regions, but since you can't check the TDS levels, it is best to stay on the safe side. 

Given the different impurities and TDS levels in borewell water, it is always best to opt for an RO water purifier. Such a purifier uses a partially permeable membrane and filters to remove different impurities through a multi-step purification process. 

Not only that, but also the purifier comes with an in-built mineraliser which ensures all essential minerals remain intact within the water. This is primarily the reason why the taste of water purifier water run on reverse osmosis tastes better (just like it should!). Since the concentration of Total Dissolved Salts and other contaminants is dramatically reduced, the RO water taste is extremely clean and pure. 

In case the concentration of TDS in the borewell water is below 200, other purifiers should also suffice for filtration. These include the ultraviolet or UV water purifier and the ultrafiltration or UF water purifier. The former uses ultraviolet light, which mainly kills all kinds of microorganisms, whereas the latter runs on standard pressure-based membrane filtration, which removes all impurities except for dissolved solids and salts. 

Factors to Keep in Mind before Investing in an RO Water Purifier 

Even though a reverse osmosis water purifier is the answer, it is not the complete answer. You still need to consider certain factors to ensure the water purifier meets the demands of borewell water. 

Removal of Impurities 

Though this has already been discussed, it is the main factor to keep in mind. Does the RO purifier supplier promise purified water that has undergone multiple purification steps? 

Also, keep in mind that not all RO purifiers are created equal, but some remove all essential minerals from the water. This can be counterproductive rather than beneficial. In the case of a good RO system, the taste of the water after purifier will enhance due to a mineraliser that preserves all essential minerals. 

Durable and Economical 

You should also consider the above-mentioned factors in that order. This is important given the volumes of water a family needs for daily use, be it cooking, drinking, etc. 

A good water purifier is an investment in your and your family's present and future health. As such, it should be durable and last for years down the line. Maintenance is a considerable part of the process, but the make also matters. 

However, in case you are able to find a water purifier in best price that does not compromise on quality or durability, by all means, go for it! 

Technologically Advanced 

Water purification technologies have evolved immensely over the years. Since borewell water consists almost every kind of impurity out there, especially the high levels of TDS that render certain hardness to the water, it is best to take technology’s aid. 

Ideally, opt for a water purifier that is based on a combination of leading technologies such as UF + UV + RO for the ultimate degree of water filtration. 

Livpure Water Purifier Has Your Needs Covered 

You’re at the right place since Livpure latest water purifier comes with all three advanced technologies for water filtration. The borewell water goes through multiple purification steps so that the resulting water is clean and pure, not just in terms of health but also taste. 

You can rest assured that the borewell water will not carry its distinctly sweet, chemical-like flavour after it has passed through Livpure’s advanced filtration technology. The Livpure water purifier price differs among variants, so you need not fear going overboard on your budget. 

So, what's keeping you seated on the fence? Secure your family's health now and in time to come with Livpure! 

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