Which water purifier brand offers the best after-sales services

Which water purifier brand offers the best after-sales services

It can be a herculean task to decide which water purifier has all the required features. But what exactly does one have to look for? Is it just the cost and quality or are there any other features that play a crucial role in finalizing your decision? 

What features to look for in a water purifier?

There are a lot of factors that a person considers before selecting and buying a water purifier for their home. These can be quality, durability, functioning, electrical power consumption, cost, and design. All these factors help in deciding the right product for you but, another factor that is indispensable in choosing a particular brand and company is the after-sales service. This is a factor which some people might overlook and later wonder which brand should we look for to vail the after-sales services. 

Importance of after-sales service :

People often look out for the best brand for purifiers as well as the best RO service provider while opting for a company. It is suggested that you choose a company that provides both at a reasonable cost and you don't have to undergo any hassle.

Ro after-sales service is an integral part of your water purifier due to many reasons:

  1. It ensures that you are receiving clean and safe drinking water.
  2. Ensures that the quality of water does not degrade over time.
  3. It makes sure that the water filters are in good working conditions
  4. It increases the life of the equipment. 
  5. Maintains the smooth and quick functioning of the water purifier. 
  6. To make a regular check on the working of water filters in the water purifier

To encapsulate, keeping all these points in mind, if a water purifier receives regular service then the purifier can easily provide pure drinking water for more than 5 years which is beneficial for our health. 

Best brand for after-sales service :

One of the best brands for purifiers is Livpure, which provides the best service in RO along with the best equipment and water filters. Livpure is one of the most trusted brands of RO water purifiers in India. Livpure Smart is a subscription-based service that offers an advanced water purifier system to access pure and clean drinking water. Backed by the superior engineering of Livpure products and cutting-edge technology, Livpure Smart is the future for today’s savvy consumers.

It offers all the required functions which are pre-requisite in a water purifier system. Firstly, it includes an 8-step water filtration process which ensures the best quality water. Secondly, it offers superfast and convenient mobile app connectivity, which helps one with the controls and the required updates. In addition, live pure makes all the replacement parts and water filters available on the websites and in the offline stores to make the servicing process smooth and efficient i.e. you get everything under one roof! 

It is one of the best water purifier brands that offer the best after-sales service Live and it is the best RO service provider near you as live pure offers free lifetime maintenance without any additional cost. Another point that plays a key role is that the RO purifiers are equipped with smart devices which monitor day to day consumption of filter water and alert the user whenever a filter change is required. This can save you a lot of time and ensure that you are receiving safe drinking water at all times. 

After-sale services offered:

Let's understand the different features of the after-sales services provided by Livpure! And see what makes it an outstanding performer in terms of water purifiers. 

Following are the details of the after-sale services which are offered by Live pure:

  • Livpure provides Annual maintenance plans that a customer can opt for at the time of the subscription and it ensures that all the machines run smoothly throughout your subscription process. 
  • All of the RO after-sales services are free of cost and can be availed by the customer during the subscription period itself. 
  • To avail of your after-sales service, you have to sign up or log in using your registered phone number at the website to place the order of after-sales service. After that, you must select the subscription plan based on your model and duration. Finally, you have to complete the KYC verification to activate the plan. 
  • Once the service request is created, the technician is expected to visit the customer within 24-48 hours.
  • For basic services, a customer can raise a service request on the application homepage and call the provided customer care number (8800762226) or drop an email at care@livepuresmart.com 
  • In case of the replacement of a machine for any reason, the entire process of picking up the existing machine from your address and getting another machine delivered to your address is also possible and takes around 7 days. 
  • In addition, there is no extra cost for re-installation of the machine due to any particular reason like a replacement or a change in the address of the user.
  • Every water purifier goes through 21 quality checks before reaching a customer, which ensures that each machine is completely efficient in its working. In addition to this, all the purifiers are checked on multiple parameters to ensure that 100 % pure and distilled water is produced by the RO water purifier. 

All of these reasons comprehend that Livpure offers the best equipment and best after-sales service for your water purifier! It is not only economical but also a flexible process as all the equipment makes use of mobile app connectivity and updates you about the working conditions.

So, what are you waiting for? Stop searching for the best quality water RO service provider near me and Log on to the Livpure website. Choose the best water purifier for your home along with guaranteed after-sales service to maintain the purity of your drinking water.                

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