Which Type of Water Purifier is the Best for your Home

Which Type of Water Purifier is the Best for your Home

Water is essential to our survival. 70% of the human body comprises water. Drinking an ample amount of water helps in digestion and the healthy maintenance of bodily functions.

Besides helping to clear your gut, water is equally vital to maintain glowing, plush skin and prevent illnesses.

At the same time, you must consume clean and contamination-free water. With water being one of the scarcest resources on our planet, contaminated sources often find their way to us. Thus, owning a water purifier has become imperative to ensure your and your family's health.

However, with so many options in the market, you might wonder which type of water purifier is the best.

A Reverse Osmosis water filter is considered one of the best choices for a water purifier for home. Nevertheless, there are many other purification systems that you can purchase for domestic purposes depending on the quality of the water supply and your filtration needs.

Let's delve into the different kinds of water purifiers you can choose for your home.

Why are Water Purifiers considered Essential?

The water supply in most localities comes from municipal corporations. Although the municipal water supply is treated with chlorine before being let into your households, it still has some additional issues.

Due to poor maintenance, the pipelines and other water storage tanks might have sediment and limestone deposits. The chlorine treatment may also lead to odour issues.

Therefore, you must possess an effective and efficient water purifier to eliminate contaminants and reduce the risk of waterborne diseases. You will also find purifiers available in India that can treat odour problems.

How many kinds of Water Purifiers can you find in the market?

Every water purification system runs on a unique filtration system that offers differing purification and disinfection levels.

1. Mechanical Filter

The speciality of a mechanical filter is that it uses a barrier to separate contaminants like sediments, gravel, and dust particles from the water. No chemical process is involved. The mechanical filter uses a mesh barrier to remove the particles from drinking water.

Mesh filters remove bigger particles, whereas ceramic filters use a complex pore system to remove pathogens. The micron indicator in a mesh filter reflects the filtration capacity of a mechanical purifier and can be understood as the following:

  • Five microns- Capable of filtering bigger suspended particles, gravel, and dirt visible to the naked eye.
  • One micron- Removes particles that are too small and visible only under a microscope.
  • 0.5 micron- Can remove cysts.

2. Absorption Filter

Carbon is the most commonly used element in absorption as it can successfully purify water by trapping the impurities within its internal structure.  Absorption technology is one of the most commonly used techniques in a water filter for the home. The best carbon filters are fitted with block elements that can remove microscopic impurities too.

3. Reverse Osmosis Filter (RO)

Water filters with RO technology may be one of the best water purifier in India. The reverse osmosis process can effectively remove inorganic solids from your drinking water by passing the water forcefully through a semipermeable membrane.

A reverse osmosis water purifier may be the most efficient water filtration system for your home. You may use an RO filter combined with other filtration systems to adjust the water's taste or add extra minerals.

4. UV Water Filter

Another variety of water purifier in India is the one that uses UV technology. A UV filter uses ultraviolet light to eliminate pathogens and microorganisms from the drinking water. The filter emits a UV ray from a mercury lamp installed in the water purifier. The UV light in the system helps to disintegrate bacteria and pathogens by breaking down their DNA.

The filtration process does not affect the taste of the water, yet it can effectively kill all germs that cause waterborne diseases.

Which one is better, RO or UV purifier?

While both RO and UV filters are efficient in purifying your drinking water, both varieties of water purifiers have some advantages and disadvantages. It raises the debate of which one is better, RO or UV purifier.

There are some other factors that you should consider before making the final buy. A UV water purifier kills the pathogens present in the drinking water. However, the bodies of the dead bacteria remain suspended in the water.

On the other hand, RO filters kill the microbes in the water and flush the remains floating in the water. Therefore, RO filters offer a more hygienic filtration process. A RO filter can also remove mineral salts and chemicals from your water.

UV purifiers cannot filter dissolved minerals or chemicals in the water supply. If these chemicals are not screened before you consume the water, they may harm your body.

RO filters can effectively remove mud and dirt from the water with the pre-filtration system. There is no such provision in the UV filters, and they will be suitable in areas with fewer sediments in the water.

However, RO filters need electricity to pass water through their semipermeable membrane at high pressure. UV water purifiers work with standard water pressure and are low maintenance. Changing the UV lamp at regular intervals ensures continued water purification.

The UV water purifier is faster than the RO filter, saving time and retaining the water's natural taste and odour.

While using just a UV filter or RO purifier can leave some qualms in the water quality, you can use a RO+UV water purifier for home, which can filter hard minerals like magnesium and calcium from the drinking water. It will also kill pathogens and microbes while maintaining the natural water taste.

Final Thoughts

You will find all kinds of water purifiers in the market. You must pick the right water filter system depending on the quality of the water supply, purification needs, and other requirements like adding minerals.

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