Where To Buy A Mineral Water Purifier?

Where To Buy A Mineral Water Purifier?

Even though water makes up two-thirds of our planet, only a minimal amount of water is fit for human use. However, in most places even consumable water is contaminated in one form or another.  Access to clean drinking water is the fundamental right of every human. It is an essential component to ensure your sustenance. So, it is crucial to purify water before consuming it. You should know a few factors before purchasing water purifier in India. Choosing a water filter system for home depends on the contaminants, metal particles, and hardness of the water supply that comes to your home.

Apart from treating the water to purify contaminants, you may also want the house water purifier to add minerals or enhance its taste.

Some water purifiers help mineralise your drinking water with the Aqua Mineral Infuser feature. AMI incorporates calcium, magnesium, and other trace minerals into your water. It strengthens and oxygenates the water, two things that are crucial for good health.

But where to buy mineral water purifier for your home? Before diving into the question, familiarise yourself with some types of water filters.

What are the Different Types of Water Filters?

1. RO Filters

RO water purifier uses semipermeable membranes to clean the water. It uses a water pump that pressurises the untreated hard water to allow it to travel through the RO membrane. Arsenic, fluoride, lead, chlorine, nitrates, and sulfates are a few of the dissolved solids. These are captured and stuck in the RO membrane throughout this process, producing filtered water.

2. Ultra-Filtration Water Filter

The ultrafiltration purification method uses membrane technology, and it does with a membrane with larger pores. It cleans all minute impurities from water. However, the UF water purifier filter cannot eliminate dissolved salts and solids.

The UF purification method has a very low TDS and is suited for water that isn't overly hard.

3. Ultra-Violet Purifier

As an e-boiling technique, ultraviolet purification employs ultraviolet light to eliminate germs, bacteria, cysts, etc. The UV water purifier is one the best water filters to get rid of microbes in the water. It can destroy 99.99% of disease-causing pathogens from your drinking water.

UV filters use a tiny mercury lamp to produce short-wave UV radiation that cleans water. It penetrates bacterial and viral cells, stopping them from reproducing and eventually killing them.

Meanwhile, the bacteria' corpses are still present in the water after a different treatment to further eliminate them.

4. Activated Carbon

Water is cleaned using the "absorption" feature of activated carbon. Any chemicals and metals contained in the water cling to the surface of the activated carbon during the adsorption process. Purified water goes to the lower storage tank after passing through the activated carbon, where chemicals like chlorine and other pesticides adhere.

When chlorine is removed from the water, activated carbon helps to improve the taste and odour by chemically interacting with the water. However, activated carbon water filters cannot eliminate impurities like fluorides, salt, nitrates, or microorganisms.

5. Mineral Water Purifier

A mineral water purifier is an RO water purifier with an extra mineral cartridge.

Through several water purification processes; these RO water purifiers eliminate dangerous contaminants from the water and excess TDS (Total Dissolved Solids)

Following purification, the mineral cartridge replenishes the purified water with the necessary minerals. You may be confident that the water you drink is devoid of all dangerous chemicals, heavy metals, and pesticides and abundant in vital minerals.

Where to buy Mineral Water Purifiers?

There are primarily two places to buy mineral water purifiers.You can either buy your house water filter online or in-store.


Looking to buy the best water purifier can be tricky if you are a working mom or a 9-to-5 dad. You can browse through a barrage of water purifiers online and thoroughly examine their technical aspects. 

There are many sites online that are dedicated to the sale of water filters. A mineral water purifierwill help you read the reviews and better understand public opinion. Consumers can purchase the best water filters through a web browser or a mobile app.

A quick search on the internet by typing "water purification near me" can give an overview of the prices and other features to pick the No. 1 water purifier as per your choice. You can contact the sellers via the internet through online shopping sites.

The water purifiers can be sorted and filtered according to your needs and requirements. You can also take time to read the warranty offered and understand the maintenance.

Online shopping also helps in understanding the difference between water purifier prices and knowledge of what every brand has to offer. Livpure water purifier is an excellent website if you are new to the world of water purification system.


Buying a mineral water filter offline helps you closely understand the workings of the purification system. If you have a small home space, shopping in person is the best way. When you have time to spare, the best way is to examine your new house water purifier in person. 

Buying a water purifier is an investment, and a big one at that. You can bombard the salesperson with many questions and clear all your doubts regarding the mineral water purifier. Going from store to store or just walking into one and settling on it will always know if you are getting your money's worth.

Bottom line

It's important to know what you want your filter to do before shopping because neither filters nor water treatment systems are 100% effective at getting rid of all toxins from water. You should carefully study the label because not all filters of a particular type utilise the same technology.

There are numerous water filters available in the market, each with various uses and specifications. RO and UV systems can get rid of inorganic substances and the stench of tainted water, but they need electricity.

Filters using activated carbon and sediment cartridges can remove sand and foul odours without power, but they can't eliminate inorganic salts.

You must source your water filter from trusted and organic brands. Choosing the right water filter can be a strenuous decision. Always know, read and keep yourself updated with the latest developments.

Your water supply's quality will indicate how many purification steps are necessary to provide you with the best clean water for drinking and cooking in your house. Multiple membranes are used in the multi-filtration process of purifying water to remove various hazardous sediments and leave behind clean water.

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