When to Service a Water Purifier?

When to Service a Water Purifier?

In most Indian households, reverse osmosis filtration-based water purifier are the most common. This water filtration system works on a semipermeable membrane with such tiny pores (.0005 microns) that nearly all dirt particles, chemicals, dissolved salts, and heavy metals are washed away. 

Once the supply water is cleansed of its impurities, the safe drinking water is known as the permeate, whereas the left-over dirty residue is known as litter or brine. This process is pivotal to ensuring you and your family’s health, of which the RO membrane and filters form a huge part. 

However, over time, it is natural for the RO water purifier to undergo wear-and-tear. For some, this happens sooner than later. To sustain optimal system functioning, it is vital to contact water filtration service from time to time. 

Let’s delve a little deeper into this. 

What Makes Water Purifier Service so Crucial?

There are several reasons why servicing of water purifier becomes vital, including –

Promotion of a Healthy Lifestyle 

The primary reason why you invested in a top-notch Livpure water purifier is to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. However, the purifier’s filters (which act like lungs) often get clogged with fragments and particles that can hamper its smooth functioning. 

Gradually, proper filtration of water does not take place, which can make you vulnerable to contaminants and microbes. Drinking polluted water can give rise to water-borne diseases such as typhoid, cholera, etc. 

Better Tasting Water 

The latest RO purifiers combine the goodness of UV and UF water purifier to ensure thorough removal of contaminants. The multi-step water purification and water filtration ensure that the water is free of toxins, but the in-built mineraliser also enhances the water’s taste. 

However, as the membrane and filters weaken over time, they lose their once-strong absorption properties. As a result, the water may include contaminants such as dissolved salts, chlorine, heavy metals, etc. Each of these contaminants alters the taste of the water – salty, chemical-like, sour, etc. 

Through the proper service of Livpure water purifier, you can enjoy water that is healthy and tastes good. 

What is Involved in Water Purifier Servicing?

Besides routine servicing checks, you should always focus on your water purifier for any unusual signs that may indicate immediate servicing is needed. These include –

Drips and Leakages 

Other than the end of the RO outlet, which hangs onto the sink to remove waste water, your water purifier should show no signs of leakage. 

In case you notice any dips or leakages, get in touch with the technicians at the earliest. 

RO Membrane Replacement 

The membrane is the lifeblood of the RO unit, responsible for absorbing all kinds of impurities and dissolved salts. However, constant absorption can weaken this membrane. 

The unmistakable sign that it’s time to replace the RO membrane is when you observe that the water after purification tastes strange or foul. 

Filter Replacement 

The filtration used in water purification happens through the filters. With regular usage, these filters get clogged with contaminants. 

These accumulated pollutants can hamper the filter's ability to clean water efficiently. As a result, you will notice bad-smelling or bad-tasting water. Even the water flow rate will reduce. These are tell-tale signs that the filter needs to be replaced. 

Cleaning and Sanitisation 

Within the RO system, water moves from one purification stage to the other through internal pipes. Over time, these pipes will accumulate dirt and become corroded. Naturally, the water passing through the system will also become polluted. 

So, the internal pipes need to be cleaned, ideally when the filter is replaced. However, the water storage tank must be cleaned once every 30 days. 


The exterior of the water purifier also needs to be cleaned frequently. Though the service technicians will clean the exterior also, this aspect of cleaning needs to be done every couple of days to maintain its look and increase longevity. 

How Often Should the RO System be Serviced?

The best water purifier is not just the one you purchase but also the one you maintain and service. Wondering if you could put a timeline on your water purifier cleaning and servicing? Yes! 

For instance – the pre-filter of the RO unit, which is mounted on the exterior of the purifier, must be replaced every three to four months. The remaining pre-filters, such as the DI cartridge, Sediment and Carbon filter, etc., can be changed every six to 12 months depending upon usage and quality. 

In any case, all pre-filters must be replaced within one year. That being said, the RO membrane can be replaced once every two years. To get the full worth of the price of water purifier, ensure you get it serviced regularly or else the polluted water can become a health hazard. 

Even so, the precise frequency and timing will depend upon factors such as quality, the volume of water passing through the unit every day, and more. It is also possible that your RO system needs servicing before the aforementioned periods. For instance – If you notice –

  • Leakages and drips 
  • Changes in the water’s smell, colour, and taste 
  • Hard water or too much total dissolved salts 
  • High levels of impurities 

Then, best believe it's time to contact service technicians before you gulp another glass of water. 

Get the Livpure Assurance 

With over one million happy customers, Livpure has established itself as one of India’s most trusted water purifier brands. With Livpure, you not only buy best water purifier that uses a multi-step purification process to get rid of impurities, but you also get additional benefits such as a one-year warranty.

Besides, all preventative maintenance charges up to INR 2,000 are free for the first year of system purchase. You can avail of such preventative maintenance twice a year. Also, the price of Livpure water purifier and its benefits will depend upon the variant. 

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