When to Change The Different Filters in Your RO Water Purifier?

When to Change The Different Filters in Your RO Water Purifier?

Every product we use requires timely maintenance and service to function at 100 percent. It is especially true for home products that use replaceable parts such as RO water purifier filters. These units offer safe drinking and cooking water for your home and have become an essential home product nowadays.

To understand the maintenance of an RO water purifier, it is essential that you know the basics of the membrane and filters which are its major components. Usually, the cost of replacing the membrane and filters constitute 80% of the total maintenance costs of a water purifier. But before we begin, there is one thing you should know. The life of your water purifier’s filters depends on the quality of the water it filters. Therefore, it is better to get a water quality test done before you analyse the filter life. Here are some basic things you should check during the water quality check.

  • Level of impurities and contaminants in the water supply.
  • TDS level in the water supply.
  • Amount of water being purified by the RO purifier.

In case, the water has high level of impurities and TDS or if you are using the RO purifier for filtering large quantity of water, the filters and membrane will require more frequent replacements. Below is a schedule of change for RO membrane and filters in a water purifier serving an average Indian household with 4 to 6 family members.

  • Pre-filter: 6 to 12 months based on the quantity/quality of water being purified.
  • RO Membrane: Every 2 years or so. The remaining life of the membrane can be determined through regular service checks.
  • Sediment Filter: Change every 12 months.
  • Carbon Filter: Change every 12 months.

To get more accurate results for RO membrane replacement, you should check the specification of your RO. For example, if the RO membrane is can purify up to 1500 ppm of TDS, purifying water that has TDS higher than 1500 ppm will reduce its life more quickly.

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