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What to look for in a home water purifier?

When it comes to spending money on a good water purifier, pretty sure you would be spending every penny wisely, isn’t it? After all, it’s about the health of your loved ones. Even if you are not concentrating on this factor while navigating through water purifier brands in India, you must be looking into other aspects of it.

For instance, an adequate water purifier makes sure that everyone in the family is safeguarded from waterborne diseases that can be life-threatening at times. Also, with a good purifier, you can get rid of the weird taste of calcium carbonate and chlorine among everything else.

Having said that, here are a few things that you must look into a home water purifier before taking the plunge.

Type of water Purifier Depending Upon the Quality :

Considering the number of types available out there, deciding upon one could be quite a tiring job. Thus, you can easily do so while assessing the water quality in your area. If the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) level in the water is higher and it has salinity as well as hardness, choosing an RO water purifier would be an adequate choice for you. However, if the TDS level is low, gravity-based or UV water purifier would be good enough.

Storage Capacity of Water Purifier Matters for the Family :

Taking the storage capacity into account is one of the most important things to do. If there are a large number of people residing in your house or your living area is prone to power cuts, you must choose such a purifier that comes with a higher storage capacity. Also, know whether you want to use water only for drinking purposes or for other home-activities as well. It will help you have a fair idea of the capacity that you require.

Feasibility of Installation :

Most of the home water purifiers are built heavily and bulkily. So, before you choose anything, get to know its dimensions. Whether you want a wall-mounted one or a kind that would fit under the counter, choose the one that would perfectly fit into the designated area in the kitchen. Then, make sure that you don’t come across any problems in terms of water supply.

Have an Adequate Comparison :

When you step into the market to purchase a home water purifier, there are more chances of you getting overwhelmed by the available options rather than making the right decision within a few minutes. In such a scenario, conducting a thorough comparison in terms of specifications, price, features, certifications, and quality will help you out the most. Visit different forums and read water purifier reviews before you choose the one for your family.

Maintenance & After-Sale Services :

Irrespective of the type of purifier, maintenance is extremely important for a water purifier. Your home purifier would require periodic filter change, bulb change, and more. Although the basic maintenance has to be easier to be handled by you, also ensure that the after-sale service is adequate enough as well. For that, you must always choose a reputed and reliable brand that knows how to keep the customers satisfied even if they’ve completed their purchase.

Final Words :

Keeping in mind the contamination and impurities that can be found in water, having a water purifier installed at home has become more than a necessity. So, be it going to RO water purifier review or assessing the capacity of UV purifiers, depending upon your preference, keep in mind that you are not missing upon any points. Be attentive and buy the best one for your loved ones.

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