What things are different in Ortho Mattress of Livpure

What things are different in Ortho Mattress of Livpure

Have you been looking for the perfect 6-inch memory foam mattress that can provide back-pain relief at night? Look no further than Livpure Sleep, which has a special ortho mattress in the store for you, which not only has a cooling gel memory foam layer for a plush but cool sleep, but also is equipped with high resilience foam for extra bounce and extended mattress life. Want to know more about the mattress? Keep reading! 

What is High Resilience Foam?

High Resilience foam or HR foam is a special reasonably foam used in mattresses. Unlike PU or different kinds of foam, it has more resilience, meaning the flexibility to jump back up. Memory foam tends to remain depressed after you press it giving comfort and your body or head sinks into the memory foam. Whereas, with HR foam, the mattress tends to regain its shape to a specific percentage which determines its resiliency factor.

The experience of High resilience foam

An HR foam mattress may be a different experience from a memory foam mattress mainly thanks to its form restoration ability. After you press your hand on a memory foam mattress, you'll see its imprints for several seconds and your hands will sink while you apply pressure. On the other hand, with an HR foam mattress, the place where pressure was applied will bounce back within seconds but the act of pressure will be as good as a memory foam mattress. When you apply this scenario across your entire body, this is often helpful in providing you with support and luxury while keeping all the advantages and super comfort of memory foam.

With an HR foam, you'll be able to also see how its re-springing materials result in longer-lasting mattresses. While memory foam mattresses may lose their comfort and compress a touch more for comfort over time, this is not the case with HR foam. Even after 5-6 years, top-quality HR foams don't lose their thickness. Your mattress is simply as enjoyable and comfy as you had it when you bought it first. 

Usage of HR foam with other layers

Another great advantage of HR foam is how it's used in different mattresses in various layers. You'll see it in use in an orthopaedic mattress, latex mattress, or hybrid mattress. However, these benefits vary with the standard of HR foam used. As compared to only a memory foam mattress, an HR foam mattress is additionally more responsive.

HR foam mattresses are good for people searching for mattresses for orthopaedical use because it can support your spine, neck, and shoulders while giving them the possibility to relax. Your pressure points are relaxed while enjoying the support that an HR mattress provides. Livpure’s ortho mattress also has top quality high resilience foam layers. It comes in 6-inch mattress thickness along with a cooling gel memory foam mattress layer for the greatest support you have felt for your back. 

What is Cooling Gel Memory Foam?

Cooling gel memory foam may be a specifically formulated memory foam that contains gel beads in it designed to assist absorb heat and keep the sleeper cool. Additionally, the cellular structure of the memory foam itself is optimized for max airflow over the normal make of memory foam. 

Why do we need a cooling gel memory foam mattress layer? 

Unique Comfort

Gel memory foam mattress is after all memory foam, which suggests that it has that signature plush feel. A little bit like traditional memory foam, gel foam resists motion transfer. Even if your partner has a habit of tossing and turning at night, you’ll be able to sleep peacefully without getting disturbed. Gel memory foam is just as comfortable and reliable as regular memory foam.

Better Air Circulation

What really makes gel memory foam different from regular memory foam is how it’s made. During the foam-making process, the memory foam is infused with gel particles or beads. The addition of the gel gives the gel memory foam mattress better airflow, meaning heat is more effectively drawn far from the body. This produces a cooler sleeping surface, which is one of the foremost valuable benefits of gel memory foam mattresses.

Balanced Support

If you’re attempting to find a firm yet comfortable sleeping surface, then a gel memory foam mattress is to be an ideal choice. It molds your body to provide support where you would like it most, and it keeps you from sinking too far into your mattress. Livpure’s 6-inch Ortho X Mattress comes with all the benefits. 

Back Pain and Pressure Relief

Those who sleep on their side might experience pressure on hips and shoulders that prevents them from getting any deep or continuous sleep. This could also cause backaches and pains that are difficult to control. Gel memory foam gently responds to your body’s weight and relieves pressure points. By offering unparalleled support, memory foam also aligns your spine properly while you sleep, which reduces backaches and pain. 

All about the mattress protection

While the basic version of the ortho mattress from Livpure- Ortho X, is equipped with a breathable Spacer fabric outer cover to protect your mattress from outside agents, the advanced version of the same mattress is covered with a natural bamboo fiber fabric cover. This makes the mattress not only cooler than anything else, but it also makes it planet-friendly as well as human friendly. Bamboo fabric wards off allergens and mites naturally, plus has no odor! 

Both the covers protect your mattress from getting dirty, and what else, you can remove it frequently and wash it! Because Livpure cares about you, it has given so many extra benefits with an already amazing mattress. You don’t have to worry about the life of a mattress when you get this from Livpure- it comes with a 10-year warranty and a 100 nights risk-free trial. 


Ortho mattresses are supposed to give you a back pain free night of sleep. With all different layers and added benefits like cooling gel and breathable covers, sleep peacefully on an Ortho X mattress. Visit Livpure’s website today! 

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