What makes Split AC a popular choice?

What makes Split AC a popular choice?

Air conditioners are a must-have in today's time. Almost every home relies on air conditioning to maintain the temperature in the ever-changing weather around us. Polls, researchers, and studies have shown a growing demand for split AC purchases. So, let's unravel the reason for such preference in the market by the consumers.

What is a Split AC?

A split AC comprises an outdoor compressor and an air outlet unit for sensible cooling inside the room. These units are connected through pipes and are very effective for homes that don't have the space for window AC.

Why Split AC is a Popular Choice?

Practical dimensions, silent functioning, and effective cooling make Split AC a popular choice amongst the masses. A budgeted split AC is an ideal choice. These are stylish, consume lesser power, and are available in a vast price bracket.

Advantages Of Split Ac unit

  • Cost-Effective
    Split ACs are available in various price ranges. They subsidise electricity by utilising solar energy in a variety of ways. You'll need to conduct some research to find a specific option that saves money while perfectly cooling your home. 
  • Easy Maintenance and repair
    Who wouldn't want an easy repair AC in today's time? Split ac filters are easy to take out and clean. The outside unit is also easy to repair and maintain as compared to a window AC. 
  • Quiet
    If you want an AC that silently cools down the environment, then split AC is the one. As the condensers are outside, there is very little noise. They operate silently, and you can opt for these for your bedroom, study room, and living room.
  • Control
    You can control split ac cooling with a remote while sitting on the couch or bed. The "C" in a split ac stands for convenience. Split AC working is much less complex. 
  • Ease of Installation 
    Installing a split AC is an easy task. There is no complex wirework involved. Since there is no ductwork, you can save a lot on the labour and installation cost. 

How is Split AC different from a Window Unit? Split AC Vs Window AC? 

  • Design
    Any existing window in the room is perfect for a window air conditioner. However, a split air conditioner can be put on any wall, with the other unit outside the room and no window is required. 
  • Installation
    Window AC requires proper wirework, window placement and labour. Split Ac has no ductwork, and that's why it's easiest to install and requires little labour work. 
  • Noise
    Window ACs generally make more noise than the Split AC. If you want soundless AC cooling go for a Split AC. 

Livpure split AC’s you can choose from

There are a few types of Split AC's one can choose from. Budget, range, look, features all may vary accordingly. You can explore the varieties and choose the one that matches your preferences. 

Split 1.2T Smart Ready 3 star

  • Provides faster cooling and can save up to 40% energy
  • It has a built-in air purifier
  • Has 100% copper coil that increases the life of the split AC
  • Has the EGPA filter that keeps dust, pollen and allergies away

Split 1.6T Smart Inverter 3 star

  • It again can save up to 40% of energy
  • You can control the AC via a mobile app
  • It has an eco-friendly refrigerant that lessens the ozone layer depletion harm caused by the AC

Split 1.5T Smart Inverter 5 star

  • It has HEKA technology that can make your AC adjust the temperature as per your comfort.
  • It has a five-star rating, making it a desirable choice.
  • Avail up to 40% energy saving

Split 1.6T Smart Ready 3 star

  • Inverter Ac is perfect for areas with sharp load fluctuations
  • It has a PM 2.5 filter to ensure fresher air inside the house
  • Eco-friendly R32 refrigerant minimises global warming

Split AC and Modern Homes!

A split AC heating and cooling can provide you with the comfiest sleeping experience. Explore the varieties and get your home an AC that saves money, cools and heats better, and looks stylish! 

Visit the Livpure website to know more.

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