What Is The Warranty Period Of Water Purifiers?

What Is The Warranty Period Of Water Purifiers?

Water is one of the most precious and scarce resources, and you must get access to clean water to fulfil your daily chores. Drinking clean water that does not have impurities and disease-causing germs is imperative to maintain healthy bodily functions. Therefore, water purifiers have become an inseparable part of today's households. At the same time, when buying a water purifier, you also have to consider its maintenance so that your family gets a stable supply of clean water for a long time.

When you look into water purifiers and their maintenance cost, one of the most important factors to consider is the manufacturer's warranty period. It varies for different brands; however, the average period of warranty is up to 12 months. 

You might wonder what constitutes the warranty and why it is essential for your water purifier. This article will help you clear some air around the nuances of the warranty period.

What is a Warranty Period?

Warranty is a common term you must have heard while shopping for electrical appliances and other gadgets. A warranty period of any device is when the manufacturers will replace or repair your gadget without costing you anything, provided your electronics are used within limits set by the users' manuals.

The warranty period varies for different goods and depends on the manufacturers and retailers. Ideally, the period starts from the day you make the purchase and can extend up to a fixed time frame.

The scope of the warranty differs depending on the product that you purchased. The warranty of water purifiers can vary from 12 to 24 months. Some manufacturers also allow you to extend the contract with some extra charges before it expires.

Your water purifier manufacturer will issue a warranty certificate explaining your warranty's scope and limitations. Usually, warranties are specific to a country and cannot be transferred. 

What does the Scope of Warranty for Water Purifiers Entail?

The warranty card of your water purifiers states the date of purchase, product details, and warranty duration. It may also print the scope of your warranty, i.e., the clause under which the manufacturers/company will repair parts or make a change free of cost.

You may also visit the manufacturers' websites to get a detailed overview of all the facets of the water filter's warranty.

Typically, the scope of the warranty will include clauses and conditions for the repair or replacement of the parts of your water filter. It consists of a warrant stating that your water purifier will be free from manufacturing defects for one year. The period of warranty can be up to 18-24 months for some water filters; however, this depends on the company’s discretion.

The company will allow you to seek their repair services free of cost in case of any defect, provided that a company-authorized workman finds a defect in the quality of your purifiers upon inspection.

However, some manufacturers may limit the services to repair and change smaller parts and not replace the entire water purifier system. It will attend to the complaints against your home water filtration system under some conditions.

The warranty might have to adhere to the following conditions:

1. Providing the Right Documents 

As a customer, you must show the purchase receipt, a valid warranty card, and an official stamp of the dealer/manufacturer while seeking out repair/replacement services during the warranty period. Falling to produce the proper documents means you will be unable to avail yourself of free repair services.

2. Total Warranty Period

The company sets some limitations to calculating the total warranty period. It begins from the day of the purchase invoice and includes the duration for which you might not have used the product.

The total warranty period will also consider the duration for which the product was not performing optimally or was under company-authorized repairs.

3. The fate of the Replaced Parts

Replacing parts of your water purifiers is entirely under the company's discretion to enhance its performance. At the same time, the manufacturers will retain their rights to the defective and discarded parts after replacing them with new ones.

4. Cost of Re-installation

You may want to set up the water filter in a different home part. However, re-installing the water purifying system may come under the warranty, and you will have to bear its costs.

5. Repairs Only by Manufacturer Authorized Personnel

The warranty is applicable only for repairs/installation attempted by manufacturer-authorized workmen. They will not be liable to change free-of-cost parts that have been repaired by unauthorized persons or damaged during transit, manhandling or modifications.

Apart from the terms mentioned above warranty period is specific to the customer and cannot be transferred under any condition.

What does the Warranty of RO Purifiers entail?

You may wonder about the warranty period of the RO purification system. It is a valid concern since RO water purifiers require expensive maintenance to ensure their prolonged use. Do not worry. Your RO system is warranted.

However, there might be additional clauses for repairing RO systems during the warranty period. Here are some conditions specific to the servicing of RO purifiers under warranty.

  • If the need arises, the RO membrane of your water filters will be replaced free of cost ONLY ONCE during the warranty period.
  • You must shell out from your pockets if the RO membrane requires further replacement.
  • The company will make no replacements if the RO membrane runs smoothly, showing no signs of defect during the warranty period.

Can the Warranty Period of Water Purifiers be extended?

It is not uncommon for manufacturers to extend the warranty of your water purifiers. However, it is a decision that solely lies with them.  Manufacturers provide extended warranty water purifiers in the market.

Some companies may provide a warranty extension of an additional year or two. Some upcoming services in the market offer warranty plans for your appliances. You may avail of those services if you are convinced.

In Conclusion

Water filters and purifiers have become an indispensable part of the household. Hence, it is essential to look into their maintenance and after-sales services.

The warranty period allows you considerable relaxation from the tension of expensive repairs and ensures a clean drinking water supply.

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