What is the difference between firm and luxury firm mattress

What is the difference between firm and luxury firm mattress

Finding the ideal luxury mattress can be challenging. Inaccurate descriptions like "hard" and "soft" oversimplify the varying degrees of support that different mattresses can offer. Confusion might increase when factors like size, form, and the kind of materials utilized in a mattress' construction are taken into account. The specialists at Livpure believe that mattresses can influence your life, from the physical comfort that a top-notch mattress can provide to the critical significance of getting a good night's sleep. Make the best decision possible because we sleep for a third of our lives.

To guarantee the uncompromised quality, luxury firm mattresses are made by hand over a long period. The core of these mattresses, which contains natural fillings, is made of high-grade steel springs. The innerspring commonly referred to as a box spring, or the pocket spring system can also be employed. The pocket spring is the most supportive of them since the springs may move independently of one another, completely molding and supporting the curves of your body. Although an innerspring mattress is less supportive, it still outperforms synthetic foams, which are typically utilized in the production of mass-produced mattresses and will be covered in greater detail later.

The range of spring counts in a luxury pocket sprung mattress is from 1000 to 3000, with 3000 being the maximum number of springs that can be placed into a mattress while still being functional. The diameter of each spring reduces as the number of springs increases, allowing the mattress to better conform to your body shape and offer the support you need. The mattresses are all sprung, with no foam in sight, and are available in the same standard sizes as a typical mass-produced mattress.

Are spring cores used in all kinds of mattresses?

Of course, spring cores won't be used in all firm mattresses. Both memory foam and latex foam are commonly used in regularly manufactured mattresses. When these materials were originally made available to the general public in the early 1990s, they were hailed as an affordable way to raise mattress support levels. However, mattresses made of foam frequently cause more issues than they fix. The heat that is given off by your body causes memory foam to shape itself to take on your natural form. Instead of providing support, this technique might have a "sinkhole" effect that makes you feel stuck in one position all night long and unable to move and roll into a different sleeping position.


The way a standard and luxury mattress breathes is another distinction between the two. Customers frequently complain to the experts about their bad experiences with mattresses made of artificial foam or packed with synthetic fibers. The user experiences nighttime heat because synthetic fibers readily absorb heat and do not readily breathe. Particularly foam is made to absorb and retain body heat because it forms around you while doing so. Foams' dense composition makes it impossible for heat to escape, which makes many people feel uncomfortable being heated, especially during the summer.

Due to their inability to breathe, synthetic foams also retain moisture, including the 0.8 to 1.5 liters of perspiration that each of us produces throughout the evening. Disgusting, Isn’t it? Your mattress should be clean and smell good. However, local brand mattresses begin to secrete a pungent smell after a few weeks making it difficult for people with sensitive olfactory senses.

Mattresses made of foam collect sweat close to the surface, causing you to wake up sweaty and clammy.

The core of a premium Livpure smart mattress is primarily empty. As a result, the core spring unit makes it easier for air to move through and around the mattress, keeping you from overheating. Luxury mattresses feature fillings made of naturally breathable materials that keep you cool while you sleep without sacrificing comfort. This is why, if you reside in humid, or damn areas then buying a luxury mattress for yourself makes more sense in the long run. This will not only prevent overheating but will keep you cool thereby ensuring that your sleep quality is not hampered.

What possible connection can a Livpure luxurious mattress have to your health?

The advantages of getting enough, high-quality sleep are numerous and diverse, as science is increasingly indicating. Therefore, investing in good sleep automatically helps you indirectly invest in various things. With good sleep, you can experience more levels of energy which will further make you feel productive and less lethargic throughout the day.

The enhanced levels of support offered to the sleeping body are the premium mattress' main selling point. A high spring count mattress of good quality maintains your body's natural contours when you buy one. Therefore, when you sleep, your body is kept in proper alignment, with special attention to the lumbar curve of your spine. Your back and the muscles surrounding your rib cage won't have to struggle to bring your body back into a comfortable posture if your mattress provides this amount of support. Our bodies can obtain the rest they require thanks to the exceptional level of support offered by the Livpure mattresses.

These muscles are unable to relax throughout the evening if the proper level of support is not provided. They stay up all night working, and they wake up feeling exhausted. Although many of us will blame a late-night sleep routine or getting older, for our morning back and hip aches and pains, the real reason is usually your old and unsupportive mattress.


Buying a standard mattress is always the first preference but hardly do people understand the importance and benefits of sleeping on a luxury mattress.  While a standard mattress may sound like a better deal but in reality, it’s not. A standard mattress lasts only for a maximum of half a decade while a luxury mattress generally lasts for at least a decade. Therefore, buying a luxury mattress is always beneficial in the long run. Also to ensure that you buy the most luxurious mattress at a pocket-friendly price and with excellent quality material, then you should consider Livpure mattresses. Livpure luxury mattresses are by far the most customer-recommended mattresses. The best part is that the customers can order mattresses online and save themselves from the hassle of visiting an actual showroom.

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