What is the difference between cotton and microfiber bedsheets?

What is the difference between cotton and microfiber bedsheets?

A bed is incomplete without bedsheets. Cotton, linen, silk, microfiber, and more, the list of bedding materials goes on. It's impractical to sleep on bare mattresses. Bedsheets are vital to ensure durability, sweat control, soft surface to sleep, and breathability. Like all the other factors that contribute to a restful night's sleep, bedsheets are essential too. 

Cotton bed sheets and Microfiber bedsheets, which one's better? 

There has been an ongoing debate on which bedsheet among these is the best. Microfiber vs cotton bedsheets, let's weigh the features and decide what's better and why! 

What is a Cotton Bedsheet?

Cotton comes from cotton plants. It's a natural fabric and is grown in many parts of the country and the world. The durability, texture, and feel of the harvested cotton depend upon its processing. 

Advantages of Cotton Bedsheets:

Natural & Breathable

As we all know, cotton has been around for a long time. It's breathable, comfortable, and light. A pure cotton double bedsheet is a must-have for summer nights. 

Soft & Durable 

Cotton is the softest material ever, but the texture is determined by how the fiber processes. Soft bed sheets are ideal for a better sleep experience. TC count in a bedsheet is also a suitable way to determine the softness of the bedsheet. For example, a 300 TC bed sheet will be of good quality and will be softer. 

Cotton is Cooler

Cotton bedsheets or glaze cotton bedsheets are suitable for summer seasons. They don't trap heat and allow the air to pass. 

Available in a Vast Variety

Print, solid, glazed, linen mix, and so is the variety of cotton sheets.

What is a Microfiber Cloth?

Finely woven fibers manufactured from wood pulp, polyester, or nylon polymers make the microfiber cloth bedsheet. The microfiber cloth is softer and more durable than synthetic fabric. 


Microfiber is finely woven fibers, and they together form a soft and smooth piece of fabric. Microfiber cloth bed sheets are ideal for those who want quality in a lesser price range. 

Thin & Durable

The tightly woven micro threads make them durable and long-lasting. Soft microfiber sheets are the ultimate bed accessory you need to better the surface you relax on. 


The best microfiber cloths are available in a variety of vivid colors. The fabric also looks soft & luxe. 

Cotton Vs Microfiber Bedsheets Specifications

Now, let's put these side by side and measure the pros & cons of both types of bedsheets! 


Microfiber material has a tight weave, so it lasts longer and is more durable. Cotton sheets, on the other hand, become softer with every wash. 

Breathability & Temperature 

The microfiber double bedsheet can trap heat to ensure warmth on chilly nights. Cotton sheets keep you cool when the temperature is high and sweaty. 


Microfiber sheets are lightweight, soft, and smooth. The thinness of the sheets makes them a less ideal variant for those with sensitive skin. Cotton sheets get softer with time and are perfect for people with allergies and sensitive skin. 


Both the sheets are easy to wash. The microfiber ones are more likely to hold onto stains as compared to cotton sheets. 

What does Livpure have to offer?

If you're seeking microfiber sheets for your master bedroom, Livpure's microfiber set is a must-have. This bedsheet combo is the ultimate blend of comfort, luxury, and that too at a reasonable price. 

Swap Your Sheets for Better Sleep!

The difference between microfiber and cotton mentioned above is enough to clear your doubts regarding both. Explore and choose the one that appeals to your requirements more.

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