What is the difference between cheap and expensive water purifier?

What is the difference between cheap and expensive water purifier?

As a customer, you might want to know the difference between a cheap and expensive water purifier. There are a lot of water purification brands in the market selling different types of water purification systems at different prices. Just by looking at the model of a water purifier, you can’t tell the difference between them. Manufacturers usually have a variety of machines to target customers with different budgets. Generally, it is assumed that an expensive product is better than the cheap one. However, this might not be true in every case. 

Sometimes affordable products can give you similar results, or even better if used properly. Usually, low-priced water purification systems are considered not to be effective. However, a machine can do a great job depending on the quality of the water. 

Therefore, when selecting a water filter system for your house or company, cost shouldn't be your top priority. You need to consider other factors before deciding on a product. Let’s understand why.

Are expensive water purifiers better? 

One of the most important metrics to consider while buying a water purifier is knowing the filter quality. Not all filters are the same. A good-quality filter may come at a higher price. Similarly, other parts of your water filter come at various prices. However, the quality and price can vary from brand to brand. Some water filters have multiple filtration systems in-built in them, making them highly efficient. Advanced technology in water filtration ticks the right boxes. More refined filters ensure effective water purification depending on the quality of the water. Typically, RO water filters are highly priced for their high-quality filtration process, fine membrane, and refined system. 

Having said that, moderately priced water filtration systems from reputed brands are at par with expensive appliances available in the market. There are many water filtration systems that offer high quality and performance in water purification. Livpure has a wide range of water purifiers at different price points for every customer. 

Types of expensive water filtration: 

1. RO Water Purifier

Reverse osmosis uses electrical force to push clean water over a semi-preamble membrane while obstructing water contaminants. The removal of all bacteria and pollutants from the water is guaranteed by this purifying system.

2. RO+UV+UF Water Purifier

RO+UV+UF Water Purifiers are water purification system with highly sophisticated filtration that employs RO, UV, and UF process to provide clean and distilled water. It is highly capable of eliminating impurities, heavy salts, bacteria and viruses from drinking water. These water purifiers are highly priced for their advanced features and performance in providing purified water.

What constitutes a low-priced water filter? 

Moderately priced water filters are defined by both their price and their filtration method. Water filters come in mainly three different varieties. In order to determine what is "affordable," examine the filter type and average price. These can be classified into: 

3. Gravity water filters

The fundamental operation of this filter is supported by the earth's gravitational pull. The gravity filter uses a semi-membrane to push the water to move through it from top to bottom in order to purify it.

4. UF water purifier 

Ultra-filtration water purifiers efficiently remove all the larger particles from the water, including contaminants and germs, by using a membrane similar to RO but with larger holes. As a result, the membrane allows for the passage of microscopic particles like dissolved salts and minerals.

5. Ion exchange water purifiers

If someone receives "hard water" at home, ion exchange techniques are employed as water softeners. A buildup of calcium, magnesium, and other elements in water is known as hard water. These are naturally occurring minerals found in rocks, and underground and pipes frequently contain them. This water filtration system employs sodium to "soften" the water rather than filtering out pollutants. Many household appliances, such as a dishwasher or washing machines, can live longer with ion exchange filtration.

Why should you buy a cheaper water filter?

  • Cheaper water filtration works if your tap water is naturally clean and contains minimal contaminants.
  • It is a good option for water with low TDS levels.
  • UV water filters can give you clean and germ-free water. 
  • UF water filters can help in removing contaminants and larger particles present in the water. 
  • Gravity-based water filters work effectively with naturally clean water. 
  • Some cheaper options come with multiple filters that can help in providing clean and pure drinking water. 


Water purifier price is not necessarily a sign of quality.  Not that high-end or branded filters aren't good; but, their efficacy may be on par with generic filters, which are less expensive than branded products. There are some metrics to look at before you purchase a water filter online. If you are looking for a water purification system for your home, click here to check out the best water purifiers online. 

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