What is Pink noise and How does it affect our sleep?

What is Pink noise and How does it affect our sleep?

Having a hard time falling asleep? We might have something to help you with your sleep routine. There are certain sounds that can make you fall asleep faster and improve the quality of your sleep. Since lack of proper sleep can affect our bodily functions, lower energy levels in the body, and impact our thinking abilities, external methods are used to promote better sleep. Many people today make use of external noise to stimulate their brains and induce quality sleep. Pink noise sleep is often uninterrupted and restful sleep. It is employed to improve sleep and it helps reduce the time taken to go into a peaceful sleep.

What is pink noise?

Pink noise is a sound consisting of all audible frequencies whose energies are not distributed equally. The color of noise is determined by the distribution of energies across all frequencies or the speed at which sound moves. At lower frequencies, it produces a deep sound. For human ears, this noise sounds ‘flat’ or ‘even’.

Pink VS White noise

White noise is a sound consisting of noises with equal intensity at different frequencies. 

Examples of pink noise:

  • The rustling of dried leaves
  • Pitter-patter of rain
  • Crashing waves
  • Swishing wind
  • Sound of heartbeat

How does pink noise help you sleep better?

The sound of rain or swishing of wind has a calming effect on us and helps us sleep soundly. In the same way, pink noise is a sleep-inducing sound that effectively blocks threatening or bothersome noise to create a peaceful environment for sleep. This is because different sounds can affect our sleep. The honking of vehicles or bursting crackers can alert our brains and disrupt sleep. Initial studies have shown that it enables us to sleep quickly by blocking disturbing sounds. 

More recent research also indicates improved sleep patterns. A steady stream of sleep has been noted among those who have been listening to electronically produced this noise. However, there’s a lot more to discover through further research and studies about different noises and how they affect us.

You are looking to make use of this noise to improve your sleep routine. There are several apps that are available to use. This is one way of achieving better sleep, however, our sleep patterns can be altered using other methods as well. 


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