What is an RO+UV+UF Water Purifier?

What is an RO+UV+UF Water Purifier?

Recently, we did a comparison of water purifier technologies that tell you their benefits and limitations. Concluding the article, we made a point that none of the water filtration technologies can provide total protection by themselves. For a water purifier to be meaningfully effective, some kind of mix and match of purification technologies is required.

However, we had also determined that RO filtration is the best standalone water filtration technique that can be utilized in smart home products like water purifiers. RO water purifiers can remove bacteria, viruses, germs, dissolved chemicals and solids.

The caveat here is that some bacterial and viral elements can escape the RO filtration process due to their molecular size. It is here that a combination with filtration technology like Ultra Violet treatment comes into play.

How RO+UV technologies work together :

An RO+UV water purifier combines both these technologies to make the water purifier totally effective against microbes which are likely to escape the RO process. The Ultra Violet Rays emitted by the UV bulb kills off these life forms, hence removing the threat.

But now, a new problem arises with the treated water. The dead bacteria and viruses are still present in it. And we know that repeating the RO process will not be effective because of the small size of these organisms. Hence Ultrafiltration or UF.

How RO+UV+UF technologies work together in water purifier:

Once the water is processed through RO and treated with UV rays, the water is passed through the UF filter. This filter is made up of hollow fibres. The remaining impurities, such as the dead microbes, stick to these fibres and hence are permanently removed from the water.

Reverse Osmosis UV Treatment UF Filtration
Removes arsenic, calcium, dissolved salts, magnesium, metals and other hard water elements from the water supply. Kills the life forms like bacteria and viruses present in water sourced from rivers, lakes, dams and ponds. Removes dust, fine particles, and germs from muddy water. It is generally used in non-electric water purifiers.
Can also remove some quantity of germs and viruses during the process. Cannot remove hard water elements at all. Can remove some quantity of both organic and inorganic impurities.

Looking for an RO+UV+UF water purifier? Therefore, when we combine all three technologies together, we get a water purifier which can effectively remove all kinds of impurities from a water source.

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