What Do You Mean By UV+UF Water Purifier?

What Do You Mean By UV+UF Water Purifier?

The importance of drinking water can not be neglected for a healthy life. Every living organism needs to consume adequate amounts of water to perform basic bodily functions. However, the scarcity of clean drinking water is a big issue. Although 71% of the earth is surfaced and covered with water bodies, only 3% of the earth’s water is suitable for consumption. However, the available freshwater drinking is not 100% safe for drinking purposes. The rise in pollution, discharge of chemicals and manufacturing wastage in water bodies, and droughts in many parts of the world due to global warming have resulted in a decline in usable water.  

Many people do not have the access to clean drinking water in many parts of the world, including India. According to Unicef, less than 50% have access to safe drinking water. There is an exceedingly high fluoride and arsenic contamination in our drinking water, in 1.9M dwellings. This excess amount of chemical components is hazardous and affects millions of people across the country. This data clearly indicates the need for advanced purification of water for consumption purposes. 

Apart from the alarming amounts of chemical content, drinking water is often contaminated with organic waste material, faeces, bacteria and disease-causing germs. Some of these microorganisms can be extremely harmful to human lives. Human beings can get sick from consuming water that contains pathogens, which are disease-causing bacteria, viruses, or parasites. The pathogens in water can cause diarrhoea, vomiting, cramps, nausea, headaches, fever, fatigue, and in severe cases, lead to death. Mostly children, aged people and people with weak immune systems are more likely to get affected by these water-borne bacteria. 

When we talk about water purification systems available in the market, a consumer has several options to choose from — RO, UV, UF, and gravity-based water purification. This article talks about UV+UF water purification in detail. What is UV+UF water purification? What are the advantages and disadvantages of UV+UF? Let’s find out the answers to these questions. 

What is a UV+UF water purifier? 

A water purifier that uses both UV and UF purification processes to distil the water is known as a UV+UF water purifier. This type of water filter is suitable for water with low TDS levels. The main function of these filters is to kill the microorganisms present in the water and remove them using the UF filtration process. To understand the properties of UV+UF water purifiers, we need to know the functions of UV and UF filtration individually. 

UV Water Purification

UV rays are employed in ultraviolet purification to eliminate the bacteria and microbes in the water. This is quite effective at getting rid of dangerous bacteria in the water. A little mercury lamp installed in the in-tank emits UV rays. Through cell penetration, these UV filter radiations eliminate 99.9% of bacteria and germs. However, UV purifiers simply kill them, leaving their dead corpses in the water, which RO technology or UF can remove.

UF Water Purification

Ultra-filtration water purifiers use a membrane similar to RO but with bigger pores to effectively remove large particles present in the water, such as pollutants and pathogens. Small particles, including dissolved salts and minerals, can thus flow through the membrane. The physical removal of bacteria and pathogens from drinking water is possible through ultrafiltration. When applied to water with low TDS, these water filtration devices work better. This water purification process does not require electricity to purify the water.

Difference between RO, UV, and UF purification

S.no RO Purifier UV Purifier UF Purifier
1. Electrically operated Needs electricity for purification Non-electric
2. Removes 99% of bacteria & viruses Kills all bacteria & viruses but does not remove them Removes all bacteria & viruses
3. Filters visible impurities in the water Doesn’t remove suspended particles Filters visible impurities in the water
4. Effective in removing high TDS Not effective on TDS Not effective on TDS
5. Removes heavy salts & metals Can not remove heavy salts & metals Can not remove heavy salts & metals
6.  Has a membrane with fine pores No membrane Has a membrane with larger pores (Compared to RO)
7.  Needs high pressure & additional pump Works with normal pressure Works with normal pressure

Best UV + UF Water Purifiers available online: 

Glitz Water Purifier 

This Glitz Water Purifier with UV+UF purification of municipal water with TDS up to 200 ppm provides clean and hygienic drinking water. Its 4-stage filtration system kills bacteria and viruses in the water. 

  • Advanced 4-Stage Purification
  • 12 Months Warranty + 1 Free Preventive Maintenance
  • Stylish Sleek Design
  • Does not change TDS levels 

Best features of Glitz

  • Advanced 4-stage filtration: The advanced purification system ensures the water is thoroughly purified before it is ready for drinking purposes. 
  • 7 Litre Tank: The capacity of the water storage tank is perfect for families with 3 or fewer members. 
  • E-monitoring UV Intensity: Glitz has a monitoring system that keeps an eye on the UV Disinfection Column's intensity and notifies you when the water purifier needs maintenance.
  • Smart design: This sleek model perfectly mounts on the wall and fits perfectly in a modern kitchen. The water purifier also comes with a LED display and UV life alert indicator to display alerts.

This model is suitable for municipal water with low TDS levels. One of the best water purifiers at pocket-friendly in the market. You can avail clean and safe drinking water with this UV+UF water purifier.

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