What Are the Top 8 Things Stealing Your Sleep?

What Are the Top 8 Things Stealing Your Sleep?

Have you been robbed of your sleep? It is the worst kind of theft, and you need to start taking precautions immediately. Every adult needs 7-8 hours of sleep at night for a proper functioning brain and good health. If your body isn’t getting anything close to that, you need to know that this lifestyle might harm your daily functioning and can even reduce life span.

Sounds worrisome, right? It’s time to mend all your mistakes and bring back the sleep. Sleep is precious, more than your jewels, and there is a myriad of thieves crawling in our lives as you have invited them over for dinner, and they aren’t leaving anytime soon.

Let’s find out major guests you should be getting rid of and let your sleep get back to its normal schedule.

Why Do We Need to Sleep?

In our hectic life, we have undermined the value of a good night’s sleep. We have overhyped the concept of late working hours and glorifying such a lifestyle has messed up basics for us.

Like every other gadget needs some time off to recharge itself, every human being needs to hit the refresh button. We learn new things each day, and with numerous experiences, we need to integrate all of it into our memory. Also, the health benefits of good sleep are a ton, but it seems we have forgotten it all.

But the question is if there are so many reasons for us to sleep, why are we even letting multiple factors affect our sleep cycle? It’s time you slumber in your blanket and let your body go in the regenerate mode. But before you hit the bed, make sure you keep these eight thieves out of your life and go to bed without any obstruction.


Any amount of caffeine after lunch hours can disrupt your schedule, no matter what. It is a stimulant and can affect different people differently. It makes it hard for you to fall asleep and even delays the clock of your body. It reduces the complete sleep time and also ruins deep sleep.

If we go by the facts, a cup of coffee 6 hours before your sleeping time can reduce your sleep by one hour. Hence, ruining your natural sleep cycle.


What is the most irresistible thing while you are lying in bed? Any beeping gadget at home! And even if you have switched off the net, these backlit gadgets have the power to attract you. Scrolling on social media has become one of the most common reasons for depriving people of their sleep.

Those online shopping sessions or the bill that is due, you can do all of it the next morning. Shut them down and let your body drowse.

Daytime Nap

We all need a power nap during the day to get back the active form after that heavy lunch. However, if you take that power nap over 1 hour, you are going to mess up your night sleep. Also, make sure you take your nap before 3 pm to get through the night with deep sleep.

Extending your daytime nap may have negative impacts such as sleep inertia. Waking up late will leave you disoriented and will make the rest of the day unproductive.

Unproportioned Diet

If you starve yourself or eat a bit too much, you are going to have a tough time falling asleep after you have crashed the bed. Have an adequate amount of food at dinner and if you are hungry late in the evening, have something easily digestible.

A proportionate diet is difficult to digest, and your body can’t snooze if your digestive system is active and trying to dump what you just put in your stomach.


This earth is no longer a place where calmness exists. Everyone is stressing about something or the other, and it is a hell house right now. So much stress is bound to affect our sleep.

Whatever you call it, anxiety, stress, worry, or fear; it can be havoc to a peaceful mind and your snooze period. If you are feeling any of these emotions during the day or night, try calming yourself down with calming music or meditation sessions, and it will release your stress in the right way.


If you are on medication, make sure you know the effects and side-effects of any medicine you consume. Prescribed medication and medicines that are sold over the counter can cause insomnia. Regular intake of such medicines is harmful. Medicine taken under the guidance of a doctor can still have controlled effects; hence, that is how you should be consuming your doses.

Overtime at Work

We know how important it is to strive in the careers and overtime might help you be in the good books of your boss. However, is that way more important than the quality of life? Once you stop working at night, you will realize how less hectic your life seems.

Work requires your complete attention and a lot of concentration which increases the level of frustration. Hence, it takes away your sleep.

Eating Habits

While you run all day long, it’s the coolness and calmness that your body seeks during sleep. However, the spicy food you eat, food high in proteins and fats should be avoided right before you sleep as these can disturb your sleep.

Also, after-dinner drinks can help you doze off easily, but it won’t let you go into a deep sleep, and you end up waking up in the middle of the night.

Keep Your Sleep, Safe and Sound.

If you manage to keep these eight thieves away from your sleep, you are good to go to your dream world. If you still can’t manage to bring back your sleep cycle to normal, Livpure’s sleeping products like mattress, pillows will help you rejuvenate a little better by putting you to sleep naturally. It is essential to take a visit to your physician to know if you are suffering from any sleep disorder.

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