What are the installation charges for a water purifier?

What are the installation charges for a water purifier?

Highly polluted water is unclean and harmful for consumption purposes. Drinking water is essential, however, dirty water can do more harm than good. Consuming contaminated water can lead to several health risks. The scarcity of clean drinking water is a huge concern that people in many parts of the words face. A large number of people in India do not have the access to clean and safe drinking. Water purification is a necessity in many parts of the country, where the water is muddy, contaminated, contains chemicals, or has very high TDS levels. In the case of hard water and heavily polluted water from the source, a RO water purifier is a requirement to improve water quality. Installing a water purification system at home is essential to have access to healthy drinking water. 

When a customer is looking for a water purification system, they consider a lot of things before getting an installation done at home. You need to consider the water quality, TDS levels, after-sales service and more before finalizing a water purification system online. 

Here are some things you need to consider before purchasing a water purification: 

Quality of water source

Examining the water quality at home is an important step before installing an RO system. The measure of your water quality will give you a clear picture of which type of water purifier is required to treat the water. If the water has high amounts of solids – salts and minerals, you need RO technology to treat the water. A RO system is capable of removing heavy metals from the water like — Fe, Mg, sulphur, calcium, etc. It also helps in combating the pH levels of the water. 

TDS level

Depending on the TDS levels of the water, consider installing a water purification system at home. The TDS level in your water depends on the type of water source. For instance, groundwater or borewell water will have high TDS and tastes salty. On the other hand, municipal water is softer and has low TDS levels. A TDS meter should help you identify the amount of TDS in your water source. In any case, an optimal amount of TDS should be present in the water to facilitate good health in a long run. 

Pressure/Water Flow

The pressure of water at your home is important to analyse. The water flow can determine the efficiency of your water purifier. RO water requires high water pressure to function properly. 

Chemical content in the water

Your water source can have chemical content in it, making it extremely undesirable for drinking water. It is important to verify the chemical content in your water. This is crucial because occasionally, a specific water treatment system could enhance or add a contaminant while removing or reducing another. For instance, installing an iron exchange system, which is often ideal to remove or reduce iron and manganese, may cause the water to become saltier. Patients with high blood pressure might experience harm from it.

Maintenance and cost of installation

This is a large part of your total cost of purchasing and installing a water purifier at home. When you are considering a purchase, do make a note of the cost that will be required after the installation. Maintenance costs and installation can be steep depending on the brand you choose. 

Process of RO installation

The installation of a RO system only requires one or two hours and must be done in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.

RO installation details:

Duration  1 - 2 Hours
Turnaround time 2 Hours
Price Fixed; Rs. 300 - 500 depending upon the brand (there can be extra charges)
Materials required Screws and Plastic insertions, pipes, screwdriver, pipe wrench, drill machine, etc.

FAQ for Maintenance and Installation

Q) Is installation free on water purifiers?

Some brands often free RO installation. Livpure offers free installation and delivery on each order. You can simply place your order and relax. Our technicians will contact you for the installation. Based on a date selected by the customer, the installation will be done without any additional charge.*

Q) What are the installation charges of the water purifier?

At Livpure, the installation is done without any charges. However, some brands charge for installations. The installation charges can range from Rs. 300 to 400, depending on the standard installation charges set by the manufacturer.

Q) What is the price of a water purifier in India?

Water purifiers are available at different prices. There is a water purification system for everyone and the price can range from Rs. 5000 to 20000. Different pricing is based on the different technologies and features of the machine. Also, note the total cost can include other charges like maintenance, installation, and delivery depending on the brand guidelines. 

Q) What is the cost to have a water filter installed? 

You can check the company’s website before purchasing the product. This will help in finding out about the service and installation charge beforehand. Many manufacturers often install the machine free of cost, therefore it is important to confirm. In this case, please contact the service center if technicians demand charges. 

Q) What is the charge for technician visits?

The cost of technical support visits is predetermined. The customer support representative schedules these visits. Depending on the brand, the price per visit typically ranges from Rs. 300 to 600. The cost of a technician visit at Livpure is Rs. 300*. Please be aware that additional fees can be charged depending on how badly the goods were damaged.

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