What Are The After-Sales Services Provided For Water Purifiers?

What Are The After-Sales Services Provided For Water Purifiers?

A water purifier is essential for each household. It is an important purchase for a family which is brought after careful deliberation. Moreover, a high-quality water purification system comes at a heavy cost. Therefore it is essential that a customer puts much thought into each aspect of the purchase. One of the most important things to remember is to focus on the after-service of water purifiers. A customer should be well aware of the maintenance-related aspects – AMC, filter change, service requests, technicians visits, etc

Everyone wants to purchase a water purifier that will last for a long time. To ensure the long life of your water purifier, proper maintenance and servicing play a considerable role. If your appliance is properly maintained, it can last you for as long as 10 years without any issues. For this reason, checking the annual maintenance contract/plan becomes imperative.

Before making a hefty purchase, it is always best to evaluate each and every aspect of your RO in regard to after-sales service. All most all top manufacturers provide reasonable Water purifier services to their customers. Every reputed brand provides warranty service along with the purchase of their product. After-sales services like Annual Maintenance Contract are immensely helpful in maintaining a RO. Pay attention to the following pointers in order to ensure long-term usage of your water purifiers: 

1. Warranty on the product

Most appliances in the market offer a reasonable warranty period, in the case of water purifiers as well. A high-quality and decently priced water purifier comes with a warranty and return period. If a customer receives a product with manufacturing defects or tampered packaging, the same can be returned to the manufacturer based on their return/exchange policy. Generally, it is advised not to use the product in case it is damaged or tampered with during the delivery. Make sure to keep the receipt and invoice securely for an easy return of the product. 

Some appliances also come with a free serviceable period. During a warranty period, the defective parts of your machine are replaced without any additional charges. Alternatively, this benefit can not be availed in case of a free service period. You have to pay for all the replaced parts.

Livpure offers a 1 year warranty period with preventive maintenance and other benefits. Please note that these services can differ from product to product. 

2. Annual maintenance contract

In case of expensive consumer purchases inclusion of AMC is vital. It guarantees that your appliance stays in perfect operating order all year long. Assuming there is a breakdown in your appliance. If it is anything related to a damaged part such as the UV lamp, adaptor, pump, and other mechanical elements. All the damage connected to the machine will be taken care of by the manufacturer. However, AMC does not include services like the RO membrane and carbon filters. The exact cost of these particular parts will be your responsibility to pay.

3. Spare parts of the water purifier

If there is any damage to the machine, it’s always better to contact the customer service centre for service requests. The manufacturer can provide genuine spare parts for the appliance at a decent cost. Also, this investment will give you the most bang for the buck. Inquire about the availability of spare parts. Make your dealer or seller includes these terms in their AMC. While entrusting the repair of your valuable asset, make sure genuine parts are installed in the RO. 

4. Service/repair request

Most sellers have a helpline number or customer service email address that you can reach with your queries or complaints after-sales. Typically, the helpline number is reachable 24*7 or has a time duration for the customer to register their request. Some manufacturers also provide call back option where the customer executive reaches out to the customer in case of an appeal. Some makers of water purifiers offer apps for mobile devices. It is the most straightforward approach to making a request for after-sales assistance from the manufacturer.

5. Charge of technician visits

There is a set charge for technical support visits. These visits are scheduled through a customer support executive. The cost per visit usually ranges from Rs.300 to 600 depending on the brand. At Livpure the charge for a technician visit is Rs. 300*. However, please note the additional charges can be applicable based on the damage to the product. 

6. Filter and membrane change

Many manufacturers often free filter and membrane change services with their high-end products. The damage to the filter and membrane depends on various factors. A high TDS level of water can be one of the causes resulting in a non-functional filter/membrane. It is suggested to replace the filters once a year. Most Livpure water purifier models typically have a ‘Filter life’ indicator. When to change the filter is indicated.

The main objectives of after-sales are to safeguard your appliance, ensure the long life of the product, and be cost-saving for customers. It is imperative to follow the guidelines given by the manufacturer to make ensure the process is seamless and hassle-free. A customer spends a big amount of money on an appliance and hence, reading the terms and conditions of the manufacturer becomes critical. In case you are facing any issues with Livpure Water Purifiers, you can enquire at 1800-419-9399. The customer also has the option to write a complaint at  customercare@livpure.com

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