Water purifier for home

Water purifier for home

Health is an integral part of one's well-being and hence should be given utmost priority which is why drinking clean and pure water is one of the most essential parts of one's diet to prioritize health. In the current era of technology and advancement, there are still some sections of the community that do not receive clean and purified water, some by choice, and some do not have the required access to water purifiers. According to a survey conducted by UNICEF, Less than 50 percent of the population in India has access to safely managed drinking water, which means that a major proportion of the population does not have access to a purifier at home. 

In this era where different contaminants can alter the state of your body, one must have access to a water purifier that provides safe and pure drinking water. 

Let's look at some of the key reasons why a water purifier is the most essential element to be present in our homes.

Here are some key reasons which make water purifiers an indispensable part of your homes:

Health and Immunity

The first and foremost point is to prevent our body from water-related diseases and illnesses which can be incorporated into our body by various infections, viruses, or the presence of microorganisms. Some of the most common ailments found in humans by drinking tap water are kidney stones, gastrointestinal infections, ulcers, acid reflux, etc. 

The next reason is to maintain the immunity of our bodies to fight off any disease or illness that might be coming our way. 

Removal of harmful impurities from water

untreated water contains a plethora of harmful substances such as chemicals and pesticide residue. It may also include heavy metals such as arsenic, fluoride, etc which can be really detrimental to human health. They not only spoil the taste of water but also incorporate a foul smell into the water, which is why it is essential to treat water using the most appropriate water purifier.

Cost-effective method

A water purifier not only presents us with the healthiest form of water but also makes it cost-effective as drinking bottled water for regular use can be a bit expensive and burn a hole in our pockets. Hence, it's an economic method to go with a water purifier which comes at an affordable price to get pure drinking water.

Water intake via meals

A lot of water intake is done through the method of cooking meals, which is why we should use distilled water for cooking all our meals, one way or the other it is going to affect our bodies. In addition, using tap water for cooking can sometimes affect the cooked food by altering the taste, and the odor with the addition of any chemicals which might be present in the tap water. 

Environment Aspect

Drinking water from plastic bottles can create a lot of plastic waste which can further degrade the environment and increase land and water pollution as most of the time these plastic bottles are neither processed nor thrown into the dumps correctly. So, in order to present an eco-friendly method, one should go with a water purifier instead.

Quick method

Having a water purifier installed in your home is a much faster method to receive pure drinking water rather than using homemade techniques for purifying the water such as boiling the water or using any DIY methods. 

Better standard of living

It's a known fact that 70% of the human body is composed of water. Drinking pure water will lead to a better standard of living as purified water implies that your other organs are hydrated with clean water as well which includes your skin and hair. It is believed by many that drinking pure water can make our bodies more efficient and enrich our skin leading to glowing and acne-free skin. 

Avoiding Harmful effects of hard water

Tap water or hard water includes magnesium and calcium ions which can create a foul smell and creates difficulty while washing any equipment or utensils as it creates a lot of lather that does not get rinsed easily from the equipment. In addition, using hard water for washing clothes can lead to dullness of clothes as the same lather is produced while washing clothes as well. 

All of these reasons make it a pure necessity to have a water purifier for our home. The second question that arises is which water purifier one should use when there are a bunch of options on the market. One can easily get confused in order to choose a brand that provides the best water purifier. 

There are a lot of factors that a person considers before selecting and buying a water purifier for their home. These can be the quality, durability, functioning, electrical power consumption, cost, strength, capacity, and design. All these factors help in deciding the right product for you but another factor that is indispensable in deciding a particular brand and company is the after-sales service. 

One of the best companies to go for when choosing a purifier is Livpure for clean drinking. Let's understand the different types of water purifiers offered by live pure and what are the benefits of the same. 

Water purifiers by Livpure

One of the best brands for purifiers is live pure, which provides the best service in RO along with the best equipment and water filters. Livpure is one of the most trusted brands of RO water purifiers in India. Livpure Smart is a subscription-based service that offers an advanced water purifier system to access pure and clean drinking water. Backed by the superior engineering of Livpure products and cutting-edge technology, Livpure Smart is the future for today’s savvy consumers.

We are all familiar that untreated water is unfit for drinking as the water from natural resources or tap water contains a lot of physical, chemical, and microbiological contaminants which are absorbed by the water over the period when it is exposed to impurities. Moreover, the usage of hard water for chores can lower efficiency and is more time-consuming as compared to purified and distilled water. Hence, water needs to be passed through 5-8 stages in order to provide safe and clean drinking water.

Livpure offers a variety of water purifiers to make sure the requirement of each home is satisfied and the consumer is provided with the utmost pure water. All the water purifiers are specifically designed for Indian homes and depending on the source of water in your vicinity, you can choose the purifier which would be the most applicable equipment for your home. 

 let us look at some of the main types of RO water purifiers that can help one to decide on the right product for their home:

  1. RO + UV + UF water purifier: This type of water purifier is useful when the water coming to your residence is full of contaminants which include toxic substances which are present in water because of chemicals and pesticide residue. All these contaminants are regarded as TDS. 
  2. UV and UF water purifier: This type of water purifier is primarily used to clarify water which includes a lot of bacteria particles and viruses in it, which can be hazardous to human health. To avoid these viruses and bacteria, the purifier uses an ultraviolet lamp [uv lamp] and is followed by ultrafiltration which is a membrane-based filtration process for purification and presents us with purely safe and hygienic water. 
  3. Gravity water purifier: this method purifies the water without the use of electricity and the work is done with the aid of gravitational. Force and activated charcoal or a UF+ method. 
  4. RO water purifiers: the most common reverse osmosis purifier uses RO technology to remove all unwanted particles such as ions and harmful molecules. It not only makes the water safe to drink but also sweetens the taste of the water. Livpure offers a variety of water purifiers that purifies water using RO technology for clean drinking.
  5. Zinger water purifier: this equipment comes with a mineralizer that provides the user with safe drinking water which is enriched with minerals and helps us to maintain our health. This is achieved by a six-stage process that includes advanced purification and UV sterilization. It makes sure that our body is enriched with all the required minerals. 

In addition to this, there are advanced purifiers that combine the use of technology and add to the resources present in the water. All of these varieties help you to choose the right water purifier which is the most suited for your home.

The main factor which helps one to make sure that they are choosing the right product is to get their water tested and be aware of the conditions that they are facing. Based on the results of the water test, one can pick a purifier that is equipped with the right technology to treat the water.

To make sure that you find the right product for your home, you can log on to livepure.com and view all the different products. In addition to this, one can inquire about the products by getting in touch with the Livpure team via call and avail of a free home demo visit as well in which the sales representative visits your home and does a water test, and suggests a suitable product as per your requirement. This makes the search process a piece of cake and that too free of cost. 

Additional services provided by Livpure

Livpure is known for its best water purifiers which include the services and facilities along with the subscription.

One can avail of the free demo service to get their water tested and choose the correct water purifier with the help of assistance from the support team who checks the quality of untreated water coming into your house and offers you the desired subscription plans.

The water purifiers are equipped with high-quality filters in order to ensure the processing of high-quality water. 

It offers superfast and convenient mobile app connectivity, which gives one all the required controls and updates about the machine which includes your regular tracking of the amount of water being filtered and updates you whenever a change needs to be made in any of the filters. This can always ensure that you receive healthy and pure water. 

In case your purifier requires any sort of replacement or change in any part or filter, it can easily be done by contacting the online services or in the offline store. 

Livpure offers the best economical plans to decide on the best water purifier for your home where you can choose from a variety of options and that too in an affordable range.

For instance, you are shifting your home and you want the purifier to be re-installed at your new address, guess what? This service is also provided with no additional re-installation fee

Last but not the least, Livpure offers the best after-sales service which provides you with free lifetime service without any extra cost. It makes sure that you are always provided with good-quality water and that there is no risk to your health.

All of these facilities are included in your subscription plan and you can avail of these services throughout the period of your subscription. All of these facilities comprehend that Livpure offers the best RO purifiers and the required services for efficient working at your doorstep. It is not only economical but also a flexible process because of the mobile connectivity as you can reach out to the support team via call, email, or the website.

All in all, it can undeniably be said that Livpure is the best place where you get everything from a to z in regard to water purifiers. So wait for no further and log on to the website of live pure and select the right subscription plan for your water purifier. 

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