Valentine's Day gift for a sleep-deprived person

Valentine's Day gift for a sleep-deprived person

For insomniacs, the best gift of all is a night of good sleep. So if you want to give your sleep-deprived partner the perfect gift, you’re going to have to do better than cards or flowers. Chocolate hearts are romantic and all, but they have sugar and caffeine, and if consumed before bedtime they can delay and even disturb sleep. You are going to have to up the game and be really thoughtful about the gifts- a mattress for better sleep can be a fun gift, where you can spend intimate times together and get a good sleep together. Find out more ideas for gifting for your sleep-deprived partner. 

Booking them (or for both of you) a staycation

If the source of a person’s insomnia or sleep deprivation is at home, whisk them away to somewhere truly comfortable and romantic. While it may seem silly to book a hotel that’s just nearby, it’s really not if you and your partner need a small change of scene.

Nice hotels provide a clean and comfy mattress for better sleep, an aura of luxury and relaxation, and best of all, some time away from the typical causes of anxiety or stress. Hotels also have a lot of comfortable sleeping pillows to snuggle in, which are not necessarily there at home as it is difficult to maintain so many things on the bed. 

The same is true for some Airbnb rooms that not only have tons of positive reviews but are also situated in highly relaxing locations, like near a beach or lake, or maybe a small hilltop with a lot of greenery. It really depends on the personal preferences of the insomniac you’re trying to impress. If you can afford a weekend at a posh 5-star hotel with room service and a soft and plush memory foam mattress topper bed, go for it. But if you’re on a tighter budget, there are hotels, motels, or Airbnb suites that are perfect for what you and your partner- you just have to know where to look. Just remember to stay away from a really shady place even if your budget is tight. Do not compromise on basic cleanliness and a tension-free romantic time. 

Or just deck up your own bedroom for good sleep

If you are someone who would rather spend some moolah on your own and your partner’s bedroom for a long term benefit, it’s time to change up your mattress and add some luxury to your bedroom. Apart from anxiety and stress, another notorious cause of sleep deprivation is sleeping on a bad mattress. Solve this problem for an insomniac and they’re sure to be very generous and grateful this Valentine’s Day. 

Livpure mattresses are designed for luxury, comfort, and a night of great sleep. Explore the options on the website according to your needs- A memory foam mattress- Ortho X, for back problems, or if you prefer a firmer bed, try Regal- the latex mattress with foam layers for ultimate comfort. Get 100-nights of risk-free trial with Livpure mattresses, so that you only get what your partner exactly needs. 

Deck up your bed with new pillows

After you choose your memory foam mattress or latex mattress or anything else your partner needs, it’s time for some new pillows. If you and your partner have bad neck and shoulder pain from sitting in front of your computers all day long, the best gift for you and your partner is a cervical pillow from Livpure. Cervical pillows are amazing for people with chronic neck pain- they will give you the best sleep you have ever had. What more, They are great for cuddling positions as well. Time to bring comfort and romance together with Livpure’s cervical pillow. If you are not so inclined towards this, you can explore a vast range of sleeping pillows as well- microfiber pillow, memory foam pillow, charcoal-infused pillow, etc. 

Massages and pampering

Book your loved one a massage or a pampering spa and beauty session at home. Look for at-home services near you and book one with a good repertoire. This way, your sweetheart won’t even have to step out of the home to feel relaxed. Massages also help give a good night of sleep. Hence, it is a win-win situation. You can make your partner feel special and give them a good night’s rest at the same time. 

Netflix and chill

Cozy up in a new all-weather comforter from Livpure Sleep to gift your partner- you can snuggle while watching a movie and fall asleep in each other’s arms while at it. Sleeping with a partner comes with own benefits and many find it to be better than sleeping alone. It makes you happy and feels comfortable enough to drift off to sleep. 

You can set up a nice at-home date: Order your favorite kind of food, light some candles, watch the movies you guys like, and celebrate romance right at the safety of your home instead of going out and facing the pandemic. You can also make your loved one their favorite meal to impress them if you are spending time with them for the first time. Nothing says romance and adds a personal touch more than a self-cooked meal and home-baked desserts.  

You can forget all about the difficulties of the world and stay warm in the all-weather comforter you just gifted to your love from Livpure. End your night on a warm and comfortable note- maybe you will have a romantic breakfast too if all goes well! 


If you are on your way to impress a sleep-deprived person or already with someone you love but they are not getting enough sleep, a way to give them the perfect slumber is the most personal gift you can give them. Romantic dates and sexy lingerie will give you momentary happiness for sure, but if you are able to give your partner comfort, security and help them get the perfect rest, you will already be ahead in the game of romance and surely they will be impressed and grateful for a long time. 

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