Types of food contamination & how to avoid them

Types of food contamination & how to avoid them

Food contamination is a severe health hazard. It can cause a dreadful situation for both consumers and brands. Contamination of fruits and vegetables is quite common even after the desperate efforts of consuming these fresh. 

What is Food contamination?

Food contamination is when the food is affected and is not safe for consumption. Contamination occurs more likely when food is not handled or stored hygienically.

Types of Food Contamination

The food we all consume is generally prone to four major types of food contamination. These types occur due to distinct reasons you need to know in detail to avoid any health issues arising from them. 

Biological Contamination

Biological contamination of food is when another living organism spoils the food. Bacterias can easily infect your food, making it unfit for consumption. 

The smart way to save your fruits and vegetables from getting biologically contaminated is to wash them thoroughly.

Cross Contamination

Cross-contamination in food is when pathogens get transferred from raw food or dirty surfaces in the kitchen to ready meals. 

Keep the surroundings around your food clean. Wash the utensils properly and keep the dirty ones far away. Also, try to cover cooked meals.

Physical Contamination

Physical contamination of food means an addition of harmful substances. 

You should follow a clean & hygienic approach while preparing the food every single day. Wash your veggies and fruits with an Organic Cleaner. Livpure offers one which uses electrolysis that kills 99% of germs and bacteria.

Chemical Contamination

Kitchen cleaning substances, pesticides, and chemicals used can cause chemical contamination of food. It's the most severe type of food contamination that can cause food poisoning. 

Always make sure to disinfect the fruits and vegetables brought from outside to avoid such contamination.

How to prevent food contamination & food poisoning?

Here are some tips to prevent food poisoning and lead a healthy life:

Wash Hands Before Cooking

Our hands carry germs. We touch things while we are outside, and washing them is the only way to stay safe. Always wash your hands properly when you step into the kitchen. Do not touch any food item with dirty hands.

Thoroughly wash fruits and vegetables before preparation

Get your kitchen a fruit and vegetable cleaner machine that washes away the germs and bacterias residing upon them. Livpure's Organic Cleaner keeps your food fresh and cleanses it in just one click.

Use separate cutting boards for meat and vegetables

Do not mix vegetables and meat while cutting them. Chop both of these on separate boards to avoid any cross-contamination.

Cook Raw meat at the Right Temperature

Cooking meat is a tricky deal, and you have to get the temperature right. Otherwise, your whole meal will get spoiled, and the meat can taste bad.

Be conscious, check the expiry dates beforehand

Many of us neglect to look at the manufacturing and expiry dates of the food we consume. Whether it's packed goods or fruits & veggies, you should always check the "Use By" date.

Cover unattended food items

Cover the food that you aren't going to consume anytime soon. Uncovered food is a breeding ground for bacteria, dust, allergens, and even mosquitoes.

Why should you invest in an Organic Cleaner?

A vegetable and fruit cleaner is the need of every modern household. 

  • These use electrolysis technology to clean the fruits and veggies without much effort. 
  • You can kill the contamination caused by bacteria using a vegetable and fruit disinfect device. 
  • An organic cleaner keeps the food fresher for a longer time. 
  • It maintains the quality of vegetables and fruits.


Food contamination and food poisoning are literal threats to your health. Luckily technological advancements are here to save the day. Invest in an organic cleaner and follow a hygienic approach when it comes to FOOD!

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