Top Five Reasons To Avoid Drinking Tap Water

Top Five Reasons To Avoid Drinking Tap Water

Humans have always been dependent on what nature has gifted them. There are a few basic needs that every human must fulfill and among those is water. Not only does it benefit humans but it also benefits the environment around you.

Water is a universal necessity that is free for everyone. But, is the water that you drink safe? That is a reasonable question. Due to the ever-increasing pollution and global warming, drinking water is being contaminated and unsafe for consumption day by day.

Water in most cities, though filtered, contains traces of pollutants and hazardous substances like lead. The tap water that we drink daily may not be fit for drinking though it is regulated for the public. It may be convenient and cost-effective but at the end of the day, it has come from a faraway source and has travelled through many ways to reach you. There is a high possibility that the water will be contaminated.

Tap water: safe or not?

Tap water has come a long way and is easily available to drink. There may be benefits of tap water. However, there is a disadvantage to tap water. Tap water can be a great hazard for infants, toddlers, pregnant women, and older people. People with weaker immunity can also be greatly affected by drinking tap water. While there are many benefits to drinking tap water, there are also some cons that should be considered. Mineral water may not be as easily available as tap water but there are certainly more benefits of mineral water.

Tap water can contain various contaminants such as lead, mercury, bacteria, and chlorine. These contaminants can cause health problems such as digestive issues, skin irritation, and general fatigue. Therefore, it is important to be aware of the water quality in your area before drinking tap water. Another disadvantage of tap water is its taste. While tap water can vary in taste from place to place, it usually lacks the refreshing flavor of bottled water. And if you do not like the taste, you may be less likely to drink enough water each day. While drinking tap water may save money in the short term, long-term health and taste can be a concern. Remember, tap water is not filtered water. Therefore, it is important to be aware of the pros and cons of tap water before making this decision.

Given below are the top five reasons to avoid drinking tap water:

  1. Usage of chlorine: Chlorine, when added to water, prevents it from getting contaminated. It is a disinfectant that kills the germs and bacteria in the water thus making it safe for drinking. Despite this, the biggest setback of using chlorine is that it reacts with the minerals present in the water and forms toxic by-products that cause skin irritation, dry hair, and other such problems.
  2. Toxins and chemicals from industries: Depending on which region you live in; different types of chemicals are present in the water. Drinking water from the tap may contain small amounts of these chemicals but they are harmful to our health nonetheless.
  3. Lead toxicity: Lead is the most hazardous metal present in the water. It is persistent in the water and can easily accumulate in the body if you consume tap water. Lead is a strong neurotoxin so exposure to it may cause severe damage to the brain. To avoid the long-term effects of lead poisoning, it is advisable to avoid drinking tap water.
  4. Irritation of skin: Water containing harmful contaminants like chemicals, lead, and chlorine can cause adverse effects on your skin too. Aquagenic pruritus is a skin condition that makes your skin itch as soon as it comes in contact with water. This happens especially when you drink water from the tap.
  5. Unfiltered: No matter how much the government regulates the water, promising that it has been clarified from all the contaminants, there are always traces of those present in the water. It is due to the pipes through which water travels.

While tap water can be convenient it is not as clean as filter water, there are some drawbacks to drinking tap water. For one thing, tap water is not always as clean or safe as it should be. Even in areas with robust water treatment systems, there can be contaminants in the water that can have adverse health effects. In addition, tap water can have an unpleasant taste or smell due to the presence of chlorine or other chemicals. For these reasons, it is important to be aware of the cons of tap water and to be sure to take other precautions.

One way to ensure that you are getting clean, safe water is to invest in a home water filtration system. This can help remove contaminants, chlorine, and other substances that may be present in the water. You can also look for bottled water with an NSF label, which indicates that it meets certain safety standards. With these simple steps, you can make sure you are getting the cleanest and safest water possible - no matter where it comes from.

To avoid the consequences of drinking tap water, it is highly advisable to drink purified water. 

Benefits of RO water

RO water or Reverse osmosis water technology has been gaining popularity over the years because of its many benefits. It is safe, clean, and has many health benefits. Let us look at some of the benefits of drinking RO water.  

  1. RO water is safe and clean, It is filtered using a reverse osmosis process that removes impurities and contaminants from the water. This makes it safe to drink and is ideal for those who have sensitive stomachs.
  2. RO water is rich in minerals. The reverse osmosis processes remove impurities but retain the essential minerals in the water. This makes it a healthy option for those who are looking to improve their health.
  3. RO water is ideal for those looking to lose weight. The high mineral content in RO water helps to boost metabolism and aids in weight loss.
  4. RO water is an excellent option for those who are looking to improve their skin health. The filtered water helps to remove toxins and impurities from the skin, leaving it looking radiant and healthy.
  5. RO water is a great way to stay hydrated. The filtered water helps to replenish the body with essential fluids and minerals, making it an excellent choice for those who are looking to improve their overall health. 

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