Tips to sleep better with your Valentine

Tips to sleep better with your Valentine

This Valentine’s day, let us tell you- sleeping with your valentine is the best way to get some good night’s sleep. Sleeping with a partner is superb for your health as it reduces stress, inflammation, boosts oxytocin, etc. However, sleep habits like tossing and turning or snoring can discourage people from sleeping with their partners. Here are some ways to sleep well along with your Valentine all year round!

Wear the proper clothes or go bare! 

Everybody sleeps differently. So if you’re merging two bedtime routines, or in this case, two sleeping bodies, they have to figure together well. If you wear PJ’s that scratch your wife, that’s no fun. And if they’re trying to get intimate and you’re in layers of clothing, that will send the incorrect message. What do you do? You can wear silk clothing, soft cotton clothing, or better yet- nothing at all. The rationale for wearing silk to bed should be obvious- silk is smooth and feels nice against your skin- that’s why people make sheets out of it. Rubbing against an individual in silk is pleasurable in and of itself, so works. Half of the couples who sleep nude reported happier relationships. So instead of buying expensive silk or cotton, go au natural for your best sleep and relationship. 

Find the correct Sleep Position

Obviously, with two people sleeping in the same bed, coordination will be a touch tricky. The secret is to work out one position that works for you, and so find a complementary position that works for you both. And if your partner tends to move around a lot, seek out a memory foam mattress from Livpure, which reduces motion transfer so that you can sleep peacefully. Regal- an 8-inch memory foam mattress from Livpure with an additional latex layer, is the perfect option for people with partners who tend to move around the bed at night. 

Negotiate Cuddling

Just as communication is vital in any good relationship, it’s vitally important when it involves sleeping together too. Again, people are different- while some may prefer snuggling near their partner as they sleep, others might think the bedtime routine is a completely solo gig. 

Hopefully, by the time you’re sleeping together with your Valentine you’ll know what they like, but if not, discuss it! Work out what their boundaries are, and if they don’t match yours, see if you'll be able to figure out a compromise of some sort. Perhaps you may put cuddling aside for the couch while watching a movie, and leave it out of your bedroom altogether. Maybe you may even learn to live without it. Regardless of the case, these are the tiny things that might make or break a relationship, so if you wish to be sleeping with somebody next Valentine’s Day, work it out together with your Valentine now.

Stop the Snoring

What most new couples will learn presently once they hit the sheets together is whether or not their partner snores, talks in their sleep, or sleepwalks. Partners accommodate movement shortly, but as far as snoring goes, here are some quick tips for sleeping with someone that snores:

  • Roll them over- some people only snore on their back.
  • Drown them out- a white noise device, sort of a fan or racket machine can wipe out the sound. Many such sleeping products are available in the market. 
  • Use nasal strips- sometimes just opening the air passageway can eliminate the sound.
  • Change the pillows- old pillows may contain dust mites that cause a hypersensitivity that ends up in snoring. A new cervical pillow from Livpure can change the snoring problem altogether. But if you are not game for that, visit Livpure’s website to explore the huge range of pillows. 
  • Avoid alcohol or sedatives before bed- alcohol reduces the resting tone of the muscles in the back of your throat, making you snore if you aren't already and snore more if you do.

Use separate blankets

A common complaint among couples that sleep together is that one always hogs the covers. Sometimes it gets so bad that couples start sleeping in separate beds, which can drastically reduce physical intimacy. If you see separating beds as a final resort but are bored with fighting and waking up freezing, why not just get two blankets? As long as each of you recognizes which is yours and grabs it once you hit the hay, it’s one less thing to fight over. Livpure’s all-weather comforter is not only suitable for all weathers, you can buy matching but colorful comforters for you and your partner this valentine’s day!

Resolve Scheduling Conflicts

The essence of this problem is noise and movement. Because the two of you have got conflicting times to go to bed and get up from bed, you'll be able to easily disturb each other’s sleep. So with two parts to the present problem, we provide you two solutions- trying to kind of sleep at identical times to create the least amount of disturbance, and secondly, get a 6-inch memory foam mattress from Livpure to eliminate any motion transfer. 

If you’re able to sync up your bedtime routine, you’ll not only get to bed together but will essentially wake up at the identical time too. This could promote unity and closeness. Though one person may sleep before their usual and one wakes up earlier, it’s worthwhile if it helps solidify the link. 

Keep it From Getting Hot in Here

Since we’re already talking about Livpure’s mattresses, we would moreover explain how it helps with temperature too. Because you see, Livpure’s 6-inch and 8-inch memory foam mattresses also transfer heat far from your body when it’s warm, dispersing it throughout the mattress. This is due to the cooling gel layer and breathable mattress covers provided along with the mattresses. 

Use sound bedtime routines

As we’ve said before, it’s always about small things, and again, being a pair is about two becoming one, not one person dictating what you both do. Being a pair only works if you both keep doing the fundamentals that help anybody get their best sleep. This suggests still wearing socks, drinking warm milk, or taking a shower before bed if that’s you. Couple or single, the classics always work. Valentine or no. You can also involve your partner in meditation and yoga before bed, or introducing them to the same sleep products that you use to see if they like it or not. 


At the end of the day, Valentine’s Day represents a chance for two individuals to become one as a couple. As you'll be able to see, while that’s easier said than done, it’s so worthwhile. With health, financial, and social benefits, a bed for two could be a blessing, not a curse. For those of you who haven’t found that perfect person to be with, we wish you all the best. For those of you that have, we wish you a lot of comfortable nights sleeping along with your Valentine. 

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