Tips to avoid Nightmares

Tips to avoid Nightmares

Sleep is a beautiful thing for everyone, whether they accept it or not. No matter what a person does, he or she will always surrender to the bed even if they don’t want to sleep. Resting is a phase in everyone’s daily routine that allows the body to recover and regain energy the next day. So, whether you like it or not, you have to sleep. But sleep can often be disturbed by many factors, and one such factor is a nightmare. What are nightmares exactly? 

What are nightmares? 

Dreams and night terrors are often stuffed with mystery and fright. While there is no substantial evidence on why people experience them, plenty of experts are suggesting these days that stress may be a great contributing factor to it. Individuals who experience nightmares tell weird stories of terror and fright. The most common night terrors that individuals experience are falling, chasing or being chased by someone or something, snakes, missing teeth, being isolated, etc. Although psychologists believe that every one of those dreams has its explanation, people often face lots of uncertainty because of urban legends and myths surrounding their dreams.

For identical reasons, nightmares cause plenty of stress to people. This fear lands up affecting individuals through their daily activities. A number of these night terrors are so debilitating that someone can wholly change his or herself due to such a nasty experience. These night terrors can also cause long-term sleep disorders such as insomnia, sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome, etc. when avoided for a long time. 

Coronavirus and nightmares

Right now, we quite simply can’t escape the impact of COVID-19, not even in our dreams. No, really, not even in our dreams. There’s a chance that you have your sleep is riddled with intense nightmares- hospital zombie apocalypses, tiger chases, frantic climb up and fighting over mountains of food, dead bodies, etc. But in the case of those coronavirus nightmares, the content is probably going more vicious than simply unpleasant. People are reporting nightmares that feel especially intense and realistic, stuffed with color and surround sound. Stress or anxiety may be nightmare triggers, and positively the strain of the COVID-19 pandemic could precipitate vivid nightmares.

How to avoid nightmares?

A lot of individuals are finding ways to prevent nightmares from occurring during their sleep. Such nightmares are so terrible that it wakes up people suddenly. This sudden activity can cause hypotension and might make an individual feel woozy right after getting up. Here are some common ways on how can people avoid getting nightmares during a snug snooze.

Practice Good Sleep Hygiene

It’s not always possible to completely prevent bad dreams, but setting the stage for good sleep can help make sure you snooze more soundly and feel better rested. Sleep hygiene involves ensuring both your habits and sleep environment are ideal for quality rest.

In terms of habits, keeping an identical bedtime and waketime throughout the week may be a key part of supporting your internal clock, as is daily moderate exercise, daily sunlight exposure, and an everyday evening relaxation routine. Caffeine and other stimulants can all affect sleep in several ways and are best avoided the hours before bedtime. Keeping bedtime snacks light and avoiding spicy foods or people who cause indigestion is additionally recommended.

Sleeping environment

Your sleeping environment is the key to a night of good sleep. In summers, it is especially required to have blackout curtains on your windows as mornings are really early and can disrupt your sleep. Blackout curtains from Livpure block out around 95% of light and some heat and noise too from outside. They are available in colorful options as well. 

If you are sleeping with a partner or have back problems, consider getting a memory foam mattress from Livpure to get a night of peaceful and uninterrupted sleep. Memory foam mattresses reduce motion transfer and conform to your body perfectly. Throw in some comfortable sleeping pillows and good bedsheets, and you are all set to sleep. 

Talk or Write It Out

Some psychologists believe talking about dreams and getting social support to place them in perspective is vital to reducing anxiety following nightmares. This might take the shape of talking out dreams with a therapist, discussing them with a partner or in a group setting, or via independent journaling. If you rouse shaken from a nightmare and can’t go back to to sleep immediately, it may be helpful to push yourself out of bed and write the dream down, and even change its course.

Deal with Daytime Stressors

When you have had a tricky day, take some minutes to de-stress before bed. Try a warm bath or other techniques to work out what helps you most, like bedtime yoga, meditation, journaling, etc. 

Avoid watching or reading things comprised of common nightmare fodder near bedtime. That scary movie, suspenseful book, or unsettling news flash could land up in your midnight dream playlist.

Get Help If Needed

Sometimes, nightmares can become over just occasional disruptions, becoming a big source of sleep disorders. Nightmare disorder may be a clinically recognized problem, classified by frequent and chronic nightmares that frequently disrupt sleep, cause bedtime anxiety and affect daytime behavior. They can even be a symbol of PTSD, which may have a dramatic effect on quality of life. If you are feeling like nightmares are making it difficult to get a decent night’s sleep often or feel anxiety around falling asleep because of bad dreams, it is worthwhile to talk it together with your doctor or a psychologist. 

How can Livpure help you?

Livpure strives to give you the best sleeping environment possible. Adorn your bedroom with all the sleep accessories you need. Purchase mattresses online from Livpure and let the prices of them not haunt your sleep at all. They are the best mattress prices you can get anywhere in the market. Explore from a range of memory foam mattresses, latex foam mattresses, natural foam mattresses, etc. With them, add a comfortable sleeping pillow from our range and prepare your bed for the best, relaxed sleep you can possibly get. 

As we have discussed, the bedroom environment matters a lot for a comfortable sleep. You can get other things for your bedroom such as blackout curtains, Egyptian cotton bed sheets, mattress protectors, bath linen, etc. The whole of it builds a good sleeping experience. With our products, say goodbye to your global warming nightmares as the products are environmentally conscious and sustainable- yes we do care about the environment as much as we do about our consumers! 


With our high-stress lives these days and the ongoing tense environment around us, nightmares can occur often. But now you know there are ways that you can practice to avoid nightmares. But the most important step is to admit that you have a problem related to sleep. And if at-home remedies are not helping you, do not be shy of seeking out help from a trained professional. Sleep peacefully for good health and long life. 

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