Tips to avoid naps this monsoon

Tips to avoid naps this monsoon

Ah, the monsoon. Almost everything is pleasant, nostalgic, and romantic about the rains- of course till you fall prey to viral infections, sore throat, cough, and cold. In this weather, you just feel like napping all the time. This might be due to a lot of reasons. Along with relief from the heat and freshness in the environment, monsoons also bring a lot of microorganisms that cause various diseases. Viral fever is contagious and can cause fever, regular flu, stomach problems, and infections like swine flu. Fever is the most common symptom of viral infection. Fever is usually a sign of your body trying to fight some kind of bacterial or viral infection. Apart from the gloomy weather, our immune system’s weak defenses and the body not being in its top functioning might also make us feel tired and sleepy during the rainy season. 

The problem is, if we nap all day long, we won’t be able to sleep properly at night, and that will cause another slew of problems. Thankfully, with these few simple healthy tips, we can keep our body at top form as well as avoid napping this monsoon. 

Increase water-soluble vitamin intake

Monsoon is the perfect time for viruses and bacteria to prosper. You may notice that it's at this point of the year when viral fevers, allergies, and other viral infections are the most rampant. Similarly, the air has more bacteria now than at any other point. To stay healthy, you need to maximize your immunity. One of the simplest ways of doing that is increasing your vitamin intake. Eat sprouts, fresh green vegetables, and oranges to own a water-soluble vitamin-rich diet. Increased immunity will keep your health top-notch and make you feel less unnecessarily drowsy. 

Avoid street food in monsoon

Street food, freshly cut fruits, and different kinds of food items sold on the road should strictly be avoided. The road is sometimes full of potholes filled with water and dirt. These form perfect incubators for various harmful microorganisms. The longer the food items are exposed to the open, the more chances of infection. So, each time you eat your favorite food, you are more likely to contract a disease. The disease can take a toll on your health, and hence the inability to take care of day-to-day work becomes more. 

Get your clothes ironed in monsoon

It might appear to be an out-of-the-place tip, but the monsoon is ideal for molds. Closets, wardrobes, and almirahs are generally used to store clothing, bedsheets, and linen. These places stay cool and begin to get damp because of the rains. With moisture come molds. Since there is seldom any sunlight to warm your clothes, getting them ironed is the next neatest thing. It gives a fresh feeling to your clothes and linens, and you in turn feel fresh and ready to take the day ahead of you. 

Get enough sleep at night

Don’t sleep late working or watching an internet series. Seven to nine hours of sleep bolsters immunity and forestalls flu, and also protects you from the respiratory disease conditions common during monsoons. If you get enough sleep at night, you won’t feel tired the rest of the day, and won’t feel like napping. 

Exercise regularly in monsoon

Exercising not only helps you lose weight or stay in shape but it is great for your immunity, mental health, and keeping up activeness throughout the day. It gets your heart racing, improves blood circulation, and triggers serotonin (happiness hormone) production, all of which fortify your system against viruses and bacteria. Jumping rope, squats, planks, burpees are all excellent exercises. Even when you are sitting on a table and working, try to move your legs and hands, do light stretches to keep your body active. This will curb your desire to hit the pillows and take a nap. 

Protect yourself from allergens

Allergies can become severe during the monsoon. So if you recognize that you react badly to dust, vapors, or pollution, you will want to wear a mask once you go out. Keep your doctor-prescribed anti-allergy medicine with you at all times.

You need to be allergen-free right at home as well. Many things can trigger allergies- and one of those things is an unhygienic mattress. Over time, a mattress can start housing bacterias and allergens, animal dander, sweat particles, moistness from accidental spillage, dust particles, etc. Though any bed needs proper maintenance and regular cleaning, Livpure Sleep mattresses are manufactured with naturally anti-allergenic components to keep it fresh with minimum effort. Livpure’s Naturale mattress is made with components derived from nature- ayurvedic foam, bamboo fiber mattress cover, etc, to keep you absolutely allergy-free. This mattress is not only perfect for people with high sensitivity to allergens, but it is also perfect for the rainy season. The breathability of the mattress cover keeps you cool and the bed dry. And when the time comes, you can just remove the mattress cover and wash it, it will increase the life of the bed. 

Stay connected

These days you spend most of your days at home due to the coronavirus.  It is best to stay connected with your family and friends. Even if you text or call someone close to you a couple of times and have a small chat with them, it helps you stay awake and feel fresh and happy. It is one of the simplest ways to keep away from hitting your pillows and have a sad nap all the time. 

Declutter your home

A messy and dark home environment makes you feel more drowsy and sleepy. The best is to clean up your house before the monsoon hits and allow yourself a lot of space to walk around and sit in the house. Store or throw away unnecessary items, move out extra furniture, install light curtains and keep the windows open whenever you see some sunshine. Remove the heavy stuff from the bed and keep only a couple of pillows and a light cover apart from your mattress. This will give you healthy sleep at night and you will wake up feeling fresh. 


Rainy days can be a beautiful and spirit-uplifting time, but it does make your health vulnerable, and sometimes can affect you mentally and physically for a long time. This increases the feeling of drowsiness and you gravitate towards napping more. With the easy tips we suggested, you can enjoy this season without letting it have any effect on your day-to-day life. 

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