Tips for Efficiently Using Your RO Water Purifiers

Tips for Efficiently Using Your RO Water Purifiers

Every Indian family now immediately needs a water purifier due to the alarming increase in water contamination. Clean water must be consumed since contaminated water can spread a number of diseases. Even though many people have RO water purifiers at home, it is inadequate to keep your water safe and clean. M maintaining water purifiers in excellent shape is equally important if you want to have access to clean and safe drinking water. If RO water purifiers are not properly maintained, they may become less effective in removing contaminants from the water. 

RO water purifiers employ pressure to force water through a semipermeable membrane, removing impurities from the water in the process. Smaller particles are present in the purifier's drinking water portion while the water has been stripped of its larger ions and molecules in the other section. Arsenic, lead, and nitrates are a few of the common pollutants that cause water contamination; these toxins may be successfully eliminated by the reverse osmosis procedure. Here are some helpful tips for using your RO water purifiers efficiently.

Tips for Using Your RO Water Purifiers efficiently

  • Test the quality of water

It is strongly advised to get your local water tested before purchasing a water purifier. A  thorough inspection performed by a professional to identify the kinds of contaminants in water. You may purchase a water purifier with the appropriate combination of water purification methods based on the types of impurities present.

  • Check where the purifier is positioned

The positioning of the water purifier is another vital aspect that you need to think about. You may select a wall-mounted or under-the-counter water purifier depending on the style of your kitchen and the availability of space. Wall-mounted water purifiers are best for use in traditional Indian kitchens, while under-the-counter purifiers are best for smaller, modular kitchens. Additionally, the location of the water purifier should be in a space with a suitable temperature. Water may freeze during the winter if there is moisture where the water purifier is placed.

  • Maintain the Water Pressure 

The RO membrane is the most important component of the RO water purifier, hence anything that might damage the RO membrane should be prevented at all costs. The water pressure must be taken into account. It's also crucial to keep in mind that a RO system should operate at a pressure of 60 PSI. The RO membrane may be harmed if the water pressure is too high. The same goes for pressures below 40 PSI, which should be increased using a pressure booster pump. So, before installing a RO water purifier, be sure to check the inlet water pressure to avoid any issues.

  • Water purifiers should be cleaned and sanitized

Regular cleaning and disinfection of the water purifier is an effective way to increase its lifespan. Having a professional clean your RO water purifier and change the water filters on a routine basis is a wise decision. This will help in keeping good bacterias and will prevent any type of gut or kidney diseases.

  • Replace your RO filters

The most essential component of the entire RO water purifier is the RO membrane. It is what transforms water of low quality into the safe water we drink. Therefore, it is critical to frequently check the RO membrane. The RO membrane should usually be changed every 12 months. Replace it with an excellent RO membrane that won't degrade easily and will keep the water purifier operating efficiently.

  • Inspect for drips and Leaks

If you see any drips or leaks, you should get in touch with a qualified technician right away. Drips and Leaks can seriously harm your water purifier if they are not quickly fixed. Furthermore, it leaks and drips wastewater. A water purifier may drip or leak for a number of reasons, such as poorly connected or broken pipes or a defective part. The source of the leak may be quickly found and further harm can be avoided with a professional's thorough inspection of the water purifier.

  • Keep the RO water purifier's exteriors clean

Along with cleaning and sanitizing the inside parts of the RO purifier, you should also clean the outside part. This will lessen the chance of water contamination and keep your purifier looking like new. The water purifier's exterior tap and the area around it should be cleaned often to prevent contamination of the water being released. Thus, the exteriors of the RO water purifier should be kept clean. 

  • Install a softener for the RO water purifier to operate even more effectively

Many people are uncertain about the practicality of pairing a RO water purifier with the installation of a softener. Actually, a softener and a RO water purifier work well together since they both offer water that is both delicious and highly clean. Because the presence of magnesium and calcium can occasionally make the water hard and difficult for the RO system to function on its own, a softener is significant.

You must make sure to pay heed to these simple tips in order to get the most out of your RO water purifier now that you are aware of how to maintain it easily. These tips will often extend the lifespan of your purifier by 12 to 15 years. But if you don't maintain it properly, the water purifier can start acting strangely, forcing you to either replace it or spend a significant amount of your hard-earned money on its repairs. Hire a professional to assist you in efficiently using your RO Water Purifier.   

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