This New Year’s bring home the gift of purity from Livpure

This New Year’s bring home the gift of purity from Livpure

Pure, clean, and healthy water is the need of the hour. Unfortunately, many people think if the water looks clean, it might be.  However, that is not the case most of the time. One should always educate and pass knowledge on clean water whenever possible. One of the ways to do this is to give the gift of purity to them. The new year is a very good time to give this gift. How would you gift someone purity? With Livpure’s water purifier, it will be a happy new year indeed. Here we will discuss why a purifier is a good gift and the benefits of drinking purified water.

Affordable and good ROI & water purity

Gone are the days when a water purifier was only for a select few in society. It has become very affordable these days with lots of payment options. Gifting a RO means you care for the person and their health. Having clean pure drinking water ensures you stay healthy and hence a good return on your investment. The best-selling RO and UV purifiers are at a reasonable price of ₹ 5,000 to ₹15,000. Maintaining an RO as well is much simpler than it is in any foreign country. Here, service, maintenance, and replacement of any parts if needed are easily available and at your service. Gifting a water purifier means gifting purity without any hassles.

Control your water quality purity

Do you know anyone who has had to wonder where their water has come from, what type of plant and conditions it was in, then you need to gift them a water purifier? It helps you control the quality of water that they drink. Any water from anywhere can be converted into pure drinking water with a purifier. Have clean pure drinking water every time.

Purifies any kind of water and esures purity

Here in India, there are different types of water available. Each area/building has a different source of water and hence the type of water is not consistent. Any water, be it, borewell, rivers, lakes, underground storage can be purified with a water purifier. The type of purifier will be dependent on the type of water it is. This is very important to keep in mind while gifting someone a water purifier. Choose one which is applicable to their living conditions. Eg: RO purifiers are more common for underground water treatments, UV purifiers are better for water from lakes, rivers, etc. You also get RO + UV which is the best option to tackle all types of water in one purifier

Various options available

The best place to see all types of water purifiers and options is at Livpure. Click on the link below to see the different models and variations available to pick the perfect gift this new year. One might argue what are the advantages of drinking purified water. Let's have a look.

Maximize physical performance

Once you start drinking purified water, there will be a drastic change in your physical performance. You will start feeling more fit and have more energy. It keeps you hydrated and maintains a cool body temperature.

Affects energy levels and brain functions

Staying hydrated will keep your energy up and you will feel less lethargic. Your brain also will function much better with more clarity.

Delivers oxygen throughout the body

Drinking clean water helps your body to function better. It will help to deliver oxygen to all parts of the body and help the body function better.

Regulates body temperature

Your body is cooled and at the correct temperature when hydrated. Pure water ensures your body stays at the optimum temperature and maintains it.


In conclusion, a water purifier is a great gift to give as a new year's present to someone you love. It will ensure they drink clean pure water and lead a healthy life without the hassle of worrying about water hygiene.

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