This Diwali, Gift Yourself the Key to Better Sleep

This Diwali, Gift Yourself the Key to Better Sleep

During this time of distress and uncertainty, we all have been looking forward to the festival season to get and share some love and fondness for our dear ones and cut our loneliness down. But festivities also bring a lot of stress- thinking about gifting ideas, attending parties, getting together with your family etc. We often lose sleep over thinking about all of it to start with. Let us help you to have a stress free festival season!

Don’t lose sleep over stress

Do you feel stressed with work’s half-yearly closing pressure mounting on you, along with family’s and friends’ pressure to take part in festivities and merriment? We are convinced you are also losing sleep over it. Trust us, losing sleep over stress will only add to more stress. As you are stressing over gifting ideas, this Diwali, let us give you some sleep tips.

Maintain a routine for better sleep:

We know the parties you might have to attend and some late nights along with it, but try to maintain a proper sleep routine, it will help you not go haywire during the holiday season and then difficult to cope up when everything reopens for work. Even if you are sleeping late on some days, try to wake up when you usually do and compensate for your tiredness with a small nap or two in between the day. It will help you to keep your days balanced and not mess up your body functioning. 

Eat right:

Yes, we see all that delicious food and sweets and lose all our control. Eating small portions, balancing your nutrition and doing a cleanse is what you need to do. Eat carbs like white rice which helps inducing sleep. Make your meal rich in magnesium complex foods like fish, eggs, milk, curd, paneer, honey etc. They help you get better sleep. 

Don’t overdose on sweets: 

Chocolates, sugar, caffeine etc. should be avoided near bedtime. They increase your alertness and deters you from having a peaceful sleep. 

Make your bedroom ready for better sleep: 

You know what will make your bedroom sleep-inducing? Getting the colours and accessories right! Have cool colours for your bedroom like blue, grey, rust etc. and pair it with matching bed sheets, pillow covers, throws and comforters. At Livpure, you will find the perfect pillows for your neck pain , amazing mattresses which will give you the best sleep and cradle you all night and fine Egyptian cotton bed sheets to cover your mattress with it, and match your bedroom decor! 

Exercise, yoga and meditation: 

Do not skip your exercise due to parties! Get some amount of exercise done before you hit your parties and festivities. Before sleep, get some yoga and meditation to calm down your mind and body and relieve all day’s stress. 

Gifts of love for you dear ones

Drawing out a list of Diwali gifts for your near and dear ones takes your sleep away, doesn’t it? Going with the current times, your gift should not only show love, but also care and concern. If your friend loves sweets, show care for them by gifting them a hamper of dry fruits and nuts, energy bars, healthy cereal and sugar alternatives. This will not only aid their sugar craving but also not harm their health. Homemade gift hampers are great because they can be customized and adds that personal touch people crave for during these times of hardships and uncertainty. 

For that colleague, you know who is always sleep-deprived and complains about backache, visit Livpure’s website and find him the perfect solution for a great sleep. Livpure has the perfect pillows for neck pain, the best mattress for his back pain and everything else he needs for the best sleep. Our Egyptian cotton bedsheet will stop him from ever complaining about not getting good sleep, ever, because they are just that luxurious. For more gifting ideas, come to our website and explore! 

Know your alcohol limits

The festive season is the time you meet your friends and family and get a bit of relaxation and fun time. At these times, we often binge drink, especially in the festival parties and office parties, after all, who says no to free booze!. Binge drinking is related to many risks to health, including damage to the liver, heart, brain and stomach and sleep deprivation. But if you take care of your drinking, it is not such a bad thing. Alcohol guidelines recommend that both men and women drink no more than 14 units a week, to keep health risks from drinking alcohol to a low level. If you do drink as much as 14 units a week, it's best to spread this evenly over three days or more – don't ‘save up’ your units for a particular day or a party. 14 units of wine are around one and a half bottles, and trust us, its enough for a week. Just be sure not to drink all your units in one night, and instead of spread it over 2-3 days and save yourself from disturbed sleep and a bad hangover the next morning! 

Give yourself the Diwali gift of a healthy mind and body

Sleep deprivation is the topmost factor or mental and health problems. This Diwali, if you are running out of ideas to buy the perfect gift for yourself, just gift yourself a healthy mind and body. Make changes in your daily routine to accommodate exercises, healthy food and decent sleep. There is no better care than self-care. And just think about it, if you are not taking care of yourself and keeping healthy, how can you share your care with others! So, fix your habits, ditch the things which are bad for your mental and physical health and get that good sleep you deserve. Maintain a healthy personal and professional life. 

Visit Livpure’s website for all the things you need to support your sleep, and see the changes in your day to day life. 

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