Things to Do When Your City Faces a Drinking Water Shortage

Things to Do When Your City Faces a Drinking Water Shortage

A water shortage is something we all anticipate and hope to avoid during the hot summer months. It's an inconvenience that disrupts our daily lives in a significant way. But more than that, water shortage points towards a more serious problem that we might face in years to come, that is acute water shortage.

If we continue wasting water and do not take up water wise ways, then every city and town might be going the Cape Town way in the near future.

But coming back to the immediate problem, here are a few things you can do to conserve water and stay ahead of the shortage during the notorious summer months.

Get some large storage containers

An obvious choice you would say, but most people fail to act before the crisis reaches their doorstep. Start storing water in a drum or large container before the hottest days arrive. In this way you will have an excess water store to outlast the limited water supply during shortage days.

Use water conservatively

Another obvious thing, obviously missed by most homeowners. Using stored water more conservatively is important, otherwise you will exhaust your supplies no matter how big a drum you bought. More importantly, you can tell your kids the importance of water conservation to develop it has a habit. Also, seniors tend to use more water due to age old habits, you can also let them in on your water conservation plans to make your home, water efficient.

Avoid the Shower

Apart from the reason that shower is more wasteful, we are also advising this measure as a convenient way to avoid those running-out-of-water moments when bathing. On a serious note, shower usually wastes more water due to our tendency to keep it running even when using the soap. A normal bucket has a capacity of 18 litres and is enough for an adult's bath, a shower on the other hand may use up twice that amount of water or more.

Use a Water Purifier with Water Storage

While other water usages can be eschewed, we invariably need water for drinking and cooking. A home water purifier will not only keep a check on the quality of water that you are using in your kitchen (as water quality does deteriorate when the demand is high), but also gives you an additional way to store drinking water. With an RO water purifier that comes with a storage compartment, you can keep water stored in addition to your kitchen pot and fridge bottles.

You can always find new ways to conserve water. Got some water wise tips for us? Share them with us in the comments section.

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