These 10 Lifestyle Upgrades Will Boost Your Immunity

These 10 Lifestyle Upgrades Will Boost Your Immunity

Since the onset of COVID-19, 'immunity' has become a buzzword. However, boosting your body's natural defences has always been vital because it helps you fight different illnesses.

Strong immunity lowers blood pressure, maintains cardiovascular health, keeps body weight under check, and enables the body to keep life-threatening conditions at bay. Are you wondering how to boost immunity? All it takes is some positive lifestyle changes and a whole lot of discipline.

Let's delve deeper – these ten lifestyle upgrades will boost your immunity like never before!

1. Get Adequate Sleep

Have you ever taken eight hours of sound sleep for granted? Never compromise on good sleep because sleep and strong immunity are closely linked. This is mainly because the body works on repairing damaged cells and organs when asleep.

Many adults get eight hours of sleep but do not go to bed at the right time. A study has found that sleeping post-midnight generally leads to chronic exhaustion and increases susceptibility to sicknesses.

2. Eat Healthy

The food you consume can be the greatest medicine or the slowest poison. Living heavily on junk food, such as overcooked, fried, and high in sugar, will weaken your immune system. A healthy lifestyle with gut-friendly foods high in antioxidants, Vitamin C, fibre, etc., will strengthen your immunity.

These superfoods include probiotic goodies such as kefir, yoghurt with live cultures, prebiotic foods such as garlic (especially during the winter), chicken soup, ginger, green leafy vegetables, turmeric tea, citrus fruits like oranges, kiwis, and more.

3. Engage in Exercise Daily

Exercising keeps your body functioning optimally and prevents the system from becoming stiff. This is another great way how to boost immunity in home (you do not always need to hit the gym!).

Start with basic and easy exercises such as squats, lunges, push-ups, etc., based on your age and capacity. The first few days may bring you only aches and discomfort but keep moving and take a break if needed.

Some immediate benefits of regular exercise (besides immunity) are weight management, strengthened muscles and bones, and enhanced mood and happiness.

4. Stay Properly Hydrated

Proper hydration helps build the body's immunity by acting as a lubricant to flush out toxins faster from the system. Besides, dehydration can cause issues like poor digestion, mood swings, and headaches.

Clean, pure, and healthy water that contains essential minerals can do wonders. Given the various harmful impurities in today's municipal water, the best water purifier is a reverse osmosis (RO) one.

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It removes all contaminants from the water and enhances the taste, smell, and health factors by infusing essential minerals. If you consume mineral water, ensure it is not too carbonated, as that can impact gut health, causing bloating and indigestion.

5. Manage Stress Levels

If there is one thing that can offset the benefits of any immunity-boosting food or activity, it is too much stress or anxiety. Stress inhibits the body's ability to fight against diseases and maintain health.

Some ways to relieve stress from your system are meditation, exercise, drinking plenty of water throughout the day, journaling, and releasing yourself from negative influences or company. You can even check with a licensed counsellor or therapist if you find it challenging to manage stress levels.

6. Avoid Smoking or Drinking

Did you know that your body's immune system fights off cancer cells daily? When it is weakened, it can fail to fight these deadly cells. Tobacco and alcohol (at least in excessive quantities) threaten to weaken the immune system and hamper your progress towards attaining a healthy lifestyle.

7. Take Supplements if Necessary

Even after consuming healthy greens and regular exercise, certain nutrients you may not get in adequate quantities. You can add immunity booster supplements to your diet along with proper nutrition.

Consult your general physician and get their opinion regarding the nutrients your body may require depending on your health.

For a temporary boost, consume the best energy drink and other beverages instead of too much caffeine.

8. Soak up on Vitamin D (on the Sea, Maybe?)

If you live near a beach, rejoice! You have the fantastic opportunity of basking in the glory of the sun. Vitamin D from sunlight is highly vital in the body's optimal functioning.

Consume foods high in Vitamin D, such as milk, egg yolks, salmon, etc., as a part of a healthy lifestyle.

9. Give Apple Cider Vinegar a Chance

The humble apple cider vinegar in its unfiltered form consists of the 'mother,' which is a mix of bacteria and yeast acting as probiotics. This substance fights respiratory infections, primarily influenza and the common cold. For best results, mix apple cider vinegar with honey and dilute in warm water.

10. Avoid the Silent Killer!

The silent killer or white death, sugar, is the reason behind most dangerous diseases, including the Big C. Modern-day sucrose is a compound that your body does not need. It is harder to break it down and thwarts the body's ability to fight diseases.

Another answer on how to boost immunity in home is to banish sugar entirely or keep it in limited quantities. Satisfy your sweet tooth cravings with healthier alternatives such as dates, Stevia, jaggery, or coconut sugar. You can also go for unrefined white sugar but avoid the polished white variety!

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