The Sound of Rain: How It Impacts Our Sleep

The Sound of Rain: How It Impacts Our Sleep

After months of bearing the scorching heat of summer days, we all long to hear the pitter-patter of rain on our rooftops with the outset of June. There’s something about rain that helps calm and relax. Generally, when it rains outside we feel a sudden urge of wanting curl up in the bed, drink something warm, and sleep. Do you feel the same? We bet most of us do. That is because the sound of rain has an effect on our minds. The calming tapping of the rain droplets makes us feel lazy and drowsy. In fact, studies have shown that different types of sounds have different impacts on our minds. When it comes to the drumming sound of rain, it usually helps us feel more relaxed and lighthearted. 

How sound of rain makes us feel sleepy?

Broadly speaking, sounds can be classified into threatening and non-threatening. The sound from loudspeakers, traffic noise, or screaming are vexing for us and come under the category of threatening sounds. The sound of waves, rainfall, and music are non-threatening sounds and echo a sort of calmness. Moreover, the drizzling sound makes white noise that helps induce sleep. White noise is basically a sounds that helps suppresses the outside noise making us feel more peaceful. This soft drumming sound alters our senses and seeps in the feeling of sleepiness. 

The sight of rain makes an impact too!

Sound along with the sight creates a perfect environment for sleep. The dark and gloomy atmosphere is all you need to feel sleepy. The dim lighting often helps us fall asleep faster. Furthermore, the temperature is also ambient for lazing in the bed.    

On a sunny day, our brains feel more stimulated. The brighter light makes us feel more energetic and cheerful, and the serotonin in our body increases. When it’s dull and dark outside, lesser serotonin is released. The darker atmosphere gives rise to melatonin, which is a sleep-inducing hormone. Melatonin production in our brain is what makes us feel drowsy in the dimly lit room. 

Here’s something about the air as well

During rain, the level of negative ion content in the air rises due to lightning and friction between rain and water. This increased negative ion makes us more comfortable and calmer. Additionally, the oxygen content in the air drops which again induces tiredness and sleep.

Perfect weather and sleep are a match made in heaven. So, any time you chance a get to doze off on a rainy day, do not miss the opportunity.


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